5 factors that determine the success of an e-commerce website 06/16/16


The vast majority of online revenue is generated through the sale of goods and services. E-commerce represents the combination of traditional business models and new technology, allowing web-based stores to sell physical goods without having to maintain a brick and mortar store.  People can purchase all kinds of things from the comfort of their homes, all they need being a device with Internet connection. The concept of e-commerce is fairly simple to grasp, but the execution is rather tough. Niches within the e-commerce industry are highly competitive, which means that they allow for a very low failure rate for new businesses. There are factors which play an important role behind the success of an e-commerce website. In what follows we only present the 5 most important factors.

Website visibility  

The Internet and has ultimately increased the desire to be online. In addition to basic features such as registering a domain name, web developers offer technical design and marketing expertise. If are curious you can learn more at Ultraweb. As a business that has juts realized the importance of digital strategies, you probably know that it is not enough to have a website, you have to make it work. This means that you should have all the necessary resources that can help you achieve a better online visibility.


Consumers are likely to compare the prices that you offer with those of your competitors. Therefore, it is important to check out the prices that the competitors are offering for a number of products. Once you realize a competitive price analysis, you should decide on the pricing so as to be able to offer the best prices to your customers without fearing a loss in business. If you have a big catalogue, then you should use appropriate tools to build the best pricing strategies.

Conversion rate

Conversion rate refers to the percentage of visitors on an e-commerce website that actually make a transaction. It is quite obvious that this metric is of great importance in determining the success or the failure of an e-commerce website. There are several reasons why customers fail to convert. Some of them do not get to look at a product, while others put the item in the shipping cart and cancel before finalizing the transaction. Opportunities for customers to drop off include but are not limited to: the difficulty of not finding what they are looking for on the website, technical errors at checkout or processing page, and the unwillingness to pay shipping costs.

Security for transactions

Customers will always be interested in the security of their confidential information. It is important to ensure that the transactions are safe and secure, namely that your website has SSL certification. You should make sure that your business website has a valid SSL certification, so that your customers can carry out safe transactions. You can use various certification tools to verify the status of your certification.

User experience

Having an easily navigable website translates into customers finding what they are looking for quickly. If the website is user-friendly, they can add products to their shopping cart as well as save them for future purposes. Do not waste another minute and optimize your forms for customers who can provide feedback and reviews about the services and products they have bought from you.