Advertising Trends 08/21/14

Advertising is perhaps the most interactive parts of a business. It is constantly changing and evolving in order to capture the attention of a target market. Unless you have a solid business experience and a lot of time on your hands in order to keep in touch with social trends, it is very hard to anticipate the way that advertising will evolve in the upcoming future. Based on the social trends of 2013 as well as on the new tech discoveries, we have gathered a few advertising trends that need to be taken into account by all business owners or advertising managers.

Social media advertising

You have probably noticed that Facebook has started using a lot of ads lately. Granted, these ads are not as aggressive as pop up ads that you find on various websites but they are not less efficient. Due to the fact that these ads have proven to be so efficient, you are very likely to see them on various social platforms in the next year. Twitter has already stated implementing in-stream apps and soon Yahoo and LikedIn will also try to get some of that action. Try to keep in touch with social platforms that are about to implement ads systems and take advantage of their first deals as they will be a lot more accessible than the future advertising deals..

Time targeted ads

Advertising experts realized long ago that it is important to target the right market instead of wasting money trying to make your brand known on all possible channels. One of the most important advertising trends of the new year is to target clients on the right devices at the right moments. According the various 2013 tech statistics, it has been discovered that most people use their tablets in the morning, their desktops during the working hours and their mobile phones during the evenings. Given these facts, the main searching engines and social platforms will try to target the apps according to the devices that people use at certain times of the day. This way, advertisers will be able to promote their services or products at the optimal times. For example, a person may not be in the mood to buy a product and complete a transaction during the working hours but he will be in a more responsive mood during the evening.

As you can see, the online commerce is constantly expanding and it is essential to target your advertising campaigns towards the online world. Apparently, even common goods will start being bought on the internet. If until now, you were firmly convinced that your products and services are strictly local and do not need online advertising, you might have to rethink your business strategy altogether. These 2014 advertising trends need to be considered by all types of businesses.