Assets available in binary options trading 06/12/15

If you have decided to trade binary options, you already know that there are many assets that you can choose from. You can either base your choice on your knowledge in the field or your ability to analyze the market and make a correct decision. In any case, if you want to know what are your choices when you choose Boss Capital binary options or any other broker here is a short guide to what you can choose from.:


The most popular assets that you can choose to trade on are by far Forex currency pairs and this is mainly because most people have knowledge about various currencies and want to try their luck. This is considered a medium risk asset to trade, but if you are confident on your knowledge and skills, it is one of the possibilities that can bring you important earnings.


Stocks are also a very popular choice and that is mainly because they are fairly easy to predict compared to other assets. A professional broker will offer his clients the possibility to trade with Apple, Amazon, Google and many more. The main different between binary options trading and regular stock exchange is that you do not actually buy the stocks. You mainly predict if their overall value will grow or not. So when you choose a very popular company of the moment or one that has just launched a very popular product, you can count on the fact that its stocks will continue to grow. While there might be a few trades that you risk losing, the overall winning rate on stocks is quite high, so if this is your choice you should be very successful.


Commodities are by far the easiest form of trading BO, as their moves are easily predicted. It is a known fact that price of commodities goes up or down during certain hours of the day, so with a little research you will surely manage to find a pattern and make successful trades. The most popular commodities in the BO field are gold, oil, wheat, silver and others.


Unlike stocks or assets, indices do not rely on individual values, but as a whole group. They basically represent a financial market and they will fluctuate accordingly. They have the highest trading difficulty mainly because they can be very hard to predict, which is why many specialists advise people to avoid them. Examples of indices include Nasdaq Composite, DAX-30, IBEX-35 and others.

These are the main assets that you can trade in binary options. Each broker can offer more or less options in terms of assets, which is why you should always take your time and do the proper research before choosing a broker. In addition, always choose the asset you are most comfortable with trading and if you are not very experienced in this field, you should opt for the easier ones such as stocks or commodities. Even so, there are many risks that you will undergo and you are bound to make some mistakes at the beginning, so keep your trades to a minimum value until you gain more experience.