Bring your business cards to life with lamination 11/27/16


The business card is the only element that has survived in the age of advancing technology. Exchanging information via the digital way may be convenient, but it is highly impersonal. On the other hand, a business card allows for face-to-face networking and implicitly create business relationships. The only issue with business cards is the fact that they deteriorate quite easily over time. What you can do to make sure that your business cards lasts longer is to laminate them. This type of finish will not only protect your business cards, but also make them look more corporate. The good news is that companies specialized in laminating Toronto do not have any restrictions when it comes to the number of colors that they can print. But why stop at business cards? Lamination can be used to enhance the appearance of reports and even booklets. The point is that if you want an exceptional look, you should try lamination.

What is laminated printing

Lamination is a printing process that involves the application of clear plastic. The thin layer of plastic can be applied to either paper or card sheets. Common examples of printing collateral that is frequently covered with plastic includes restaurant menus, maps, and of course business cards. There are different types of laminate, but mention can be made of gloss, silk and matte. A great choice is silk lamination because it allows for printing in full-color, not to mention that it provides a matchless texture. What is sure is that this printing process will provide a strong layer of protection for your cards and that the readability will not be affected at all.

Benefits of laminating your business card

There are many reasons why you should laminate your business cards. As mentioned before, this printing process helps increase the staying power of the material. Thanks to the added layer of protection, the business cards will be a lot stronger and will not be thus damaged. What is more, this printing effect will make your calling cards waterproof, so you can be sure that they will survive coffee spills and moisture. The great thing about lamination is that it creates a professional look. The printing process makes photos as well as images stand out, therefore allowing you to effectively market your business. Finally yet importantly, it is worth saying that the printing will not fade with time. Over time, the writing tends to become unreadable, but you do not have to worry about this issue if you laminate your business cards.

How business cards are laminated

The printing process if fairly simple. The business card is placed inside a plastic covering, after which it is inserted into a laminating machine. What happens is that the heat warms up the plastic film and seals it. The result is an item that is not only strong, but also has a professional look. You may be tempted to try this method yourself, but you should better use the services of a company specialized in printing. Experts have knowledge when it comes to finishing and the end results is undoubtedly superior.