Candy Crush Saga – Online Phenomenon 01/18/14

Candy Crush Saga – online phenomenon and profitable business model

There isn’t one Facebook user in the world who hasn’t heard of Candy Crush Saga, the ubiquitous match three puzzle that took the Internet by storm in 2012. Those who haven’t played this game have at least received invitations from their friends. Loved or despised, Candy Crush Saga remains one of the most interesting things to have happened to casual gaming. With approximately 6.7 million players in the world, it has become the most popular Facebook game and the fastest grossing game in the App Store and Google Play. As same as other games like FIFA, for instance, this one has also gained a lot of popularity. People go the extra mile to be able to play, and while some buy FIFA 17 coins to build strong football teams, others have gotten to the point where they create many Facebook accounts in order to play Candy Crush. That is how important the game has become for the social network community. When Candy Crush Saga was first released, not many specialists gave it a chance: after all, King had only developed the polished version of dozens of games that the world already knew, including Bejeweled Blitz and Diamond Dash. However, the huge profitability of the game and the millions of monthly downloads show that Candy Crush Saga is more than an a casual game. On the contrary, it is a carefully planned and developed online business model that can serve as an example, and even as inspiration to those who want to monetize their ideas.

The first secret behind the Candy Crush Saga success lies in its simplicity. Developers have chosen the popular match three algorithm that has been often described as addictive. Games don’t necessarily need impressive graphics and complex storylines and make an impact and Candy Crush is the perfect example. It kept things very simple and chose a catchy, relaxing interface that was a pleasure to look at. It didn’t require a lot of resources and people could play it casually from their browsers when they had a few spare minutes. But it wasn’t simplicity that made King what it is today. Initially, Candy Crush Saga was a browser-based game and the boom in popularity was generated when the game was moved on Facebook. For the average user, Facebook is just a social network, but for game developers such as King, Facebook is an incredibly profitable platform. It is fair to say that the element that propelled Candy Crush is the social network it was played on. People were already spending time on Facebook and Candy Crush was available for free there, with no installation required. It didn’t ask players to come back at regular intervals, such as Farmville, and it encouraged friendly competition between friends. From the moment the game was released on Facebook, it became unstoppable.

Developers knew exactly how to use the opportunities provided by Facebook: players could invite their friends to join and as they unlocked more levels, they also started to make in-game purchases such as lives, boosters and moves. And then, there were smartphones. When the Candy Crush Saga app was launched on the App Store and on Google Play, the number of installs reached a record high. People were already playing on their PCs, so why not take the game on the go? After almost two years, Candy Crush Saga is one of the most interesting businesses and it has even expanded beyond Facebook: there are hundreds of websites with Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld cheats and even Candy Crush merchandise such as T-shirts and accessories.

Of course, the success of Candy Crush Saga isn’t just due to the careful choice of platform, but also due to hard work and innovation. King has opened offices 11 cities, where the game is being tested and developers think of new and interesting content. For a game that only relies on the match three algorithm, it takes a lot of creative effort to keep players entertained. Candy Crush has 515 levels and new levels are added frequently – no other similar game has managed to reach this number without boring its fans. To keep them interested, developers add new features, some of the most interesting being the newly released Dreamworld and the Booster Wheel.

Without a doubt, Candy Crush Saga is an online phenomenon that entrepreneurs should analyze if they want to have a similar impact on the web. This case shows yet again that social networks offer incredible business opportunities and that they can turn simple, innovative ideas into million dollar trends.