Choosing the right DJI drone for your needs 02/16/15

The field of aerial photography and filmmaking has known quite the innovation over the last years with the appearance and development of drones and UAVs, which greatly facilitated the process and significantly improved it. DJI is one of the most popular brands of these unmanned aerial vehicles and it offers professionals a wide range of products and models, from the DJI S800 and S800 Evo to the Inspire and many more. Each flying platform has its own strengths and particular features that makes it the best choice for a certain project, whether it’s aerial photography, videography or filmmaking, which is why it is important to research the market thoroughly and study the features and advantages of several models before you decide on a DJI S1000 or any other type. There are also multiple online retailers that can provide you with a wide range of products from various manufacturers, so you also need to conduct a thorough research in that area as well.

If you need a drone for aerial photography, then the Spreading Wings range is a very suitable choice. The DJI S800 is a professional platform that can do wonders for an aerial photo shoot, having circuit-integrated center frame, and arm design. The model also features integrated ESCs and high performance brushless motors, which means more flexibility in the air without compromising the stability of the shot. Not only that, but other features of this model include efficient carbon fiber propellers and clear installation labels, as well as quick installation of the landing skid and perfect WooKong-M compatibility. On the other hand, if it is cinematography that you are interested in, then you might want to consider a newer model, such as the DJI S1000, which offers more stability and safety, as well as a higher level of portability. Among its features, you will be able to find spark-proof plug, professional octocopter, retractable landing gear and low gimbal mounting position. This newer model also has a new damping design and innovative frame arm design, being perfect for high level professional aerial photography and cinematography.

When shopping around for aerial drones, there are many aspects to take into account, except for the features and abilities of each model. Budget, for instance, is a factor worth considering, as UAVs can be pretty expensive, which is why many people choose older models like the DJI S800 and not the latest releases. However, the most important factor to take into account is your particular and exact needs, so that you can efficiently and successfully complete your project without compromising on quality on behalf of money. As already said, there are numerous and various retailers on the web that provide drones for aerial photography and cinematography and if you take your time to research the market thoroughly, you will certainly be able to find what you need at the right price.