Designer Lighting Tips 01/14/14

When we think of decorating a home, we immediately picture some furniture, drapes and curtains, decorative objects and, of course, our own possessions that turn a house into a home. However, we are missing one of the most important aspects, which is the lighting. Just like some people choose to hire an interior decorator to help them pick and position the furniture, so can you get help from a designer with your lighting, or from the same interior decorator. No matter what room you need new lights in, the first criterion you filter your choices through has to be the overall style of that room.

Moreover, when looking for designer lighting tips, you should also think about the various types of lights. First, there is the task light, which is usually a bright light, used only in certain areas where you perform activities; thus, task lights can be found on or around the desk, in your reading area, over the kitchen counter, in the bathroom, or in your craft room. The second type of lighting is the ambient lighting, which is usually a soft light that doesn’t draw attention, and is just there in the background to help you make your way through the house. This type of light can usually be placed on the walls or on various surfaces.

Finally, we have the accent light, which is also a stronger type of light, but with a clear direction, usually to highlight a space, an area or object. Accent lights are used to create focal points on art works such as sculptures or paintings, to provide a dramatic point in the room, and so on. You should also try to buy quality lighting fixtures, and find a brand with as many models as possible, so you get more chances of choosing something that matches the overall décor of your home. For example, KesLighting is a company featuring not only multiple types of lights (chandeliers, pendants, spotlights, lamps), but multiple styles and designs as well, catering to all tastes. You can even choose from a variety of light sources, such as LED, halogen, incandescent and so on.

Don’t be afraid to use different styles of lights for a single room, as long as they are complementary; with KesLighting, you can choose between glass, fabric, crystal, acrylic, metal, and many more. The colors and shades are unlimited, and you can even find luxury and designer items. Just like you choose every painting, every vase and every single decorative object for a room, so you should choose lights for your home. Light accessories are more than utilitarian; they have an important aesthetic function as well, and by focusing on them you can give up on other decorative items that would just clutter your rooms. Well-placed lights can also make a room look larger or taller; for example, by adding up-light fixtures, the ceiling will look taller, and the room more spacious. Lighting each wall in soft light has the same effect, whereas focusing the light on certain areas or objects will give it a more intimate feel.