Finding the best rubber moulding manufacturer – What should you look for? 04/03/17


Rubber and silicone are essential in the manufacturing field, being some of the most widely used manufacturing elements for diverse processes. Rubber is a versatile material that can be moulded in various forms, at the client’s desired shape and form. In order to accomplish a particular form, there are a couple of techniques. The rubber can be modelled in different levels of hardness. It is durable in high and low temperature conditions, which makes it perfect in various industries. You can find rubber mouldings at different manufacturer and below we have a small guide on how to pick the best manufacturer for your business.

Make sure the company uses great techniques

In order to achieve the perfect type of moulding, it is necessary to make sure that the company uses the perfect machinery, techniques and materials to manufacture their products. There are a couple of necessary things that one should pay attention to before selecting the company. Two perfect techniques for creating high quality rubber moulding are injection and compression. The rubber injection technique appeared in 1960’s, and consists of heating the plastic and placing it in a cavity. Afterwards a significant amount of pressure ifs applied. This is considered one of the most efficient methods of creating rubber moulds. The other alternative is compression moulding and it is a more complicated process, involving numerous steps. However, there are a couple of other techniques used for this purpose, namely transfer moulding and deflashing.

Are the processes used cost effective?

When choosing a mounding manufacturer, there are a couple of coordinates that will help you decide. Cost effectiveness is one of the most important facts you want to consider. If the manufacturer is not using cost effective techniques, their products will come at considerably higher prices. The raw materials, the expensive techniques, they all contribute to the final cost. Some companies although have expensive machinery, they are able to offer lower prices, because there are involved less steps in the process and less human workforce to operate the machinery. Look for those if you want a cost-effective solution for your business.   

Search for a company moulding different materials

Ideally, you should choose a company that manufactures moulds from different polymer-based materials. Natural polymer, Silicone, Butyl, Nitrile EPDM, and Viton. This will offer you various options in terms of moulding, since they all come with different qualities. The products will come in different hardness levels and they are highly versatile.

Make sure you consider these aspects when choosing a rubber-moulding manufacturer. They will make a great difference when it comes to the quality of the final products and how cost effective they are. There are plenty of suitable solutions for every business. However, since these manufacturing companies are so versatile and flexible, they are able to create silicone or rubber mouldings for different industries. Do your research well and see what the general opinion on a manufacturer is. Then carefully select your collaborator.