Fitbit Force 01/16/14

Fitbit Force

It is a well known fact that the modern society has taken a lot of our freedom and it has engaged us in a constant race against the clock. This race is often aimed towards money and it rarely allows the competitors to have a healthy life. However, having a stressful job which forces you to manage your time wisely does not mean that you cannot lead a healthy life. It does however mean that you don’t have time to count your calories and to research how much time you should be spending at the gym. Luckily, Fitbit is a brand which understands the needs of modern people and who has developed a product which is meant to help people live each day as healthy as possible. Their latest product, the Fitbit Force is not only a fitness wristband but more of a smart watch.

  • New additions

Fitbit Force uses a MEMS 3-axis accelerometer which tracks your motion patterns in order to calculate the calories that you burn when performing certain tasks and it also tracks the climbed stairs, traveled distance, steps, sleep quality and many more. Aside from the classic, fitness options which we were already used to due to the Flex wristband, the Fitbit Force also has a lot of other interesting features which makes it as useful as a smart watch. For starters, it shows a lot more information about the user’s activity without having to open a certain application. This innovative fitness wristband can also receive notifications from smartphones.

  • What does the price include?

The Fitbit Force includes the force tracker, the charging cable, the wireless sync dongle, access to compatible iPhone and Android apps as well as a free membership. The free membership allows the users to track the food, the physical activity, the sleep, water, and similar features, without having to pay any extra money. The battery lasts between 7 and 10 days

  • Easy to use

A gadget is completely useless if it is not easy to use, no matter how many functions it has. The Fitbit can easily be used by pressing the buttons on the side of the gadget. Each button press, cycles through the main seven cycles: steps, time, floors climbed, alarm, distance, very active minutes and burnt calories. Furthermore, the device is also very comfortable to wear. It comes in two sizes, its length varying between 5.5 and 8.2 inches.

  • Compatible devices

The Force features a Bluetooth function which allows it to effortlessly connect to the user’s smartphone in order to deliver, real time stats. In order for this connection to be possible, the smartphone must support Bluetooth 4.0. You can also use the dongle in order to connect the device to a Mac or a PC so that you can upload various stats. The device also has a great memory which allows it to save information from 30 days of use. However, this requires the device to be charged at all times. If it runs out of power, it will lose all unsaved data. This is why it is essential to regularly sink your data with your smartphone or your computer. In order to be connected to a PC, these devices must have Either Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 as well as a USB port and an internet connection. The Mac Requirements include a Mac Operating Systemx10.5 or up and of course the USB port and the internet connection.

  • Operating requirements

Although the device is water resistant, the manufacturers don’t recommend it to be worn while swimming. However, it will experience no problems due to rain, sweat or water splashes. It is also not advised to use it in extreme temperatures such as -22° to 140° F (-30° to 60° C) and it may experience problems in altitudes over 30,000 feet (9,144 m).