Five steps to follow when creating a mobile app 05/19/16


When designing a mobile app, there are some important things you have to take into consideration. With all the technology and tools available out there for creating apps, everything has become a lot easier. Businesspersons from nearly all industries have understood the power of the internet in promoting their businesses and this is the reason why more and more of them have decided to work with a professional android development company to create them the perfect app that matches their needs and interests. Here are the main steps you have to follow when embarking on such a project.

Research and more research

The first step you have to make when you start this type of project is to do some research on the internet. Check the market in order to see whether there is already a similar app available on the market or not, because it might be quite difficult to launch an app that one of your competitors has already launched. If you still want to design the app, make sure you add some features that the apps of your competitors do not have.

Find your inspiration

It is all right to find inspiration in your competitors’ apps, but make sure you do not steal the idea. It is commonly known that competition is quite harsh in this industry, so you have to think of ways to bring something different. The app you design should be unique and useful, so people would be interested in download it and use it.

Start with a sketch

When designing a mobile app, you should start with a sketch. It will be a lot easier this way, because it will help you visualise how the app should look like. Take a piece of paper and a pencil and start drawing some sketches. Feel free to experiment until you reach the design that matches your ideas best.

Colour theme and typography

The next step in this app designing process is to establish the typography style. Make sure the text is easy to read, so do not use a style that would put your users into trouble. What is more, the colour theme is also very important for the app. Make sure the colour matches the purpose of your app. Do not opt for too many colours, because this will only create confusion and will distract users’ attention.

Do not forget to test it

After you have established all the main things for your app and you have reached the final version, there is still one important thing you have to do and that is to test the mobile app. It is not recommended to launch it right after you have finished it, because there might be some things you have missed when creating it. Make sure you test the app on various types of devices to see how it looks like on different screen sizes. Check the app for bugs as well before launching it on the market to make sure there it works properly.