Floating speakers – why you should have one too 05/31/16

Technology has evolved a lot in the past years, so whether you are passionate about late hour gadgets or not, you probably already use some of the most common devices of the moment. Besides the already traditional tablet or smart phone, there are also emerging products that are just starting to gain popularity. When it comes to futuristic machines and accessories, then there is one product in particular you must know about: levitating speakers. This may sound odd, but yes, there are actually some manufacturers creating speakers that an actually float. These are the hottest trend of the moment in terms of technology, since they are not only extremely stylish but also very performing. They seem to be the definition of innovation and efficiency, encompassing all the features of a traditional powerful speaker, plus an amazingly futuristic design. In case you still have second thoughts about whether to purchase one of these devices or not, read on to find why you should also have one – there are plenty of reasons:

They are the latest trend

Having a levitating sound system is definitely the coolest thing ever. If you are a fan of late hour devices, then forget about getting the last smart phone or a new tablet – levitating speakers are the real deal. The magnetic technology they are built on is an excellent idea to create the illusion of levitation: both the part lying on a plane surface and the one resting in the air have an integrated magnet and this makes the floating possible. What is more, this gadget is also extremely versatile and it can be connected via a performing Bluetooth system to any mobile device: laptop, tablet, smart phone etc. furthermore, it is battery powered, so in case you are planning to leave the house for a short trip and listen to music in the meanwhile, they are an excellent option.

They are so stylish

If you have ever seen such a gadget, then you know what we are talking about. Not only do they float – which is incredibly cool, but the speakers have also been created keeping in mind the future demands of their target audience. The form varies from one manufacturer to another, but one thing is for sure: no matter what you choose, you will get a very beautiful, neat and modern device. Levitating speakers are shiny, fashionable and smooth. Place them on the desk or any other piece of furniture, and no one will even guess that the beautiful decoration is in reality such a performing gadget.

They are very performing

Although you may think this last characteristic makes then too good to be true, here it goes: besides being stylish, floating speakers are also very powerful and efficient. This means that if you purchase one of those, you get a modern, good looking device and high level of performance. They are powerful enough to emit sounds in a large room, which makes them perfect for personal use, parties and many other activities.