Google Glass 12/27/13

The science fiction future that we saw in various movies is closer than we known. Whether or not we are ready for a technological future is irrelevant as more and more futuristic gadgets take over our life. One of the most incredible products released in 2013, was the Google Glass, an eye-wear which allows the users to answer e-mails, text and take pictures without the use of their hands. These smart glasses are probably the most sophisticated wearable technology and are a huge step towards a modern future. This product was expected with a lot of excitement by technology fans and although it is not yet available to the public, its developer release was one of the most important technological events of 2013. Lets take a closer look at this smart glasses and see whether or not they will exceeded our expectations.

  • Specifications

In order to satisfy all the demands of various applications, Google Glass comes with 16 GB of total Flash memory and 12 GB of usable memory. Its main features include a 5 megapixel camera, 720p video recording, Bluetooth, WiFi and other similar smart features. According to the manufacturers, the battery is strong enough in order to support a whole day of typical use. The adjustable notepads and the futuristic frame can fit any face so the product does not have to be custom made. The resolution of the display is the same as the one of a 25 inch screen seen from eight feet away. The camera can take 5 MP photos and can film 720p videos. It also has a cone conduction audio feature. The device is compatible with any Bluetooth phone. It requires an operational system at least as sophisticated as Android 4.0.3. It enables GPS maps and SMS messages. Last but nor least, this product also comes with a specific charger which prolongs the life of the glasses.

  • Price and release date

The Google Glass can be acquired for $1,500 which is quite a reasonable price if we take into account the fact that this is a revolutionary product. So far, the product was only released to developers in order to encourage the creation of compatible apps. According to the manufacturers, a customer version might be available in 2013 at an even smaller price than the development price.