How do laser hair removal machines work? 11/23/15


For ages, hair removal has been a real struggle for women all over the world. While shaving and waxing are some the most common methods used, laser hair removal is a newer and more performing option, although it has existed for some time now. This light based procedure has evolved a lot since the appearance of the first IPL machines and as a result, nowadays it is way more efficient and is performed by the use of performing tools. However, the method is way beyond a cosmetic process, being often associated with a treatment, especially given the use of performing technologies and devices.

What is the laser hair removal?

Laser light is a form of therapy very efficient for a wide variety of dermatological procedures, among which one of the most popular is hair removal. During the sessions, the pointy light used for the treatment is transmitted towards the target (is can be a hair, red stain or something else) through a specific wavelength. The strong light penetrates the layers of the skin and targets the dark pigment, and thus the hair absorbs all the light. This way, the heat kills the cells that aliment the process of hair growth. The procedure may take a while, so that the skin is not harmed. Generally, it is necessary for you to attend up to 12 sessions, so that the laser can catch all the hairs, during each living cycle, to make sure there is no remain left. Best laser hair removal Toronto may even last less, but this does not depend only on the machine, but also on the characteristics of your hair. The energy produced by the laser lamp is quite effective, because it is not diffuse (such as the IPL) and is more powerful.


Who does is work?

Laser treatments transmit a certain amount of light through a specific wavelength, which has to be directed towards the skin and the hairs by the person who holds the lamp. Unlike other techniques, this method is suitable to any type of skin or hair colour, which is a great plus. In addition to this, the laser machine has the great advantage that it can be specifically set up, and the user can adapt the nanometre of the wavelengths, in order to use the light for a particular pigment. The darker the hairs, the greater the nanometres number – this adaptability ensures better results, regardless the client.