How IT support companies stay competitive 07/01/14

Many businesses see IT support as a necessary evil, but in a world where no business can any longer be operational without computers, networks and email, IT support is simple the cost of doing business. Without a good and solid information technology support service, your business is in trouble and IT support companies used to know that, which is why many of them took advantage of your needs. They knew that investing in an in-house IT department would cost you even more, which is why they afforded to change month to month costs and fees depending on that particular services you needed. However, the market expended so greatly over the last few years and there are now so many companies to choose from that they had to come up with all sorts of different packages and deals to attract new clients and keep existing clients happy. In other words, they needed to stay competitive.

One of the main changes IT support companies made was to provide clients with a fixed monthly fee. This fee would be based on the number of computers or devices of a business, the number or type of servers required or the type of services required and, no matter what IT needs the business experienced within the month, the cost would be the same, month after month. Of course, in order for this type of service to be possible and the IT company not to go bankrupt, your business must meet a few requirements, such as having new enough computers or servers to be able to quickly procure parts or software and be supported properly. Anyway, the fix rate service came as a great advantage to many businesses, as they got more control over their costs, and they hurried to contract companies that first provided this type of services. As a result, companies that first thought of this idea registered an incredible increase in client portfolio. However, today, most IT companies provide support services at a fixed monthly fee, therefore they need another strategy to remain competitive in the field.

That strategy is based on flexibility and adjustability. In order to attract new clients and to keep existing clients happy, IT support companies offer them elevated flexibility, allowing them to choose which services they want or need to outsource and which they don’t. Adjustability refers to IT companies enabling businesses to upgrade or downgrade their contracted services as the business grows or reduces its performance. These factors also had a great impact on the market, as more and more businesses acknowledge the importance and benefits of flexible and tailor made IT support. The bottom line is that, in a business world that needs information technology support to stay alive, providers also need to constantly update their services, strategies and behaviors to meet the needs of their clients in order to stay alive themselves.