Improve your Magento store with Assign Order to Customer 01/28/14

It is a well-known fact that Magento is the favorite platform when it comes to ecommerce solutions for any type of online business, being that a small start-up or a large company. The platform offers excellent default features and a great variety of options for web stores, as well as several unique tools that improve user experience. One of these tools is the Magento Assign Order to Customer extension, which allows you to assign any order, placed at any time, to any customer. If you are wondering why you might need such a tool, the answer is quite simple. When people shop online and place orders on any given website, they are reluctant to sign up and open customer accounts from the first time. They generally place orders as guests. However, if they like the products and the shopping experience provided by a website, in time they register as customers and many of them would like to have a complete history of their orders, even from when they were just guests.

The Magento Assign Order to Customer tool makes it possible for your customers to track those orders made by them as guests. And the extension is very efficient. Within seconds, you can associate any guest order with any registered customer. All you have to do is go the guest order, open it and click Assign to Customer, which will generate a list of existing customers for you to choose from. Furthermore, the customer will be informed that the order or orders have been assigned by email if you choose the Send Email feature.

The extension also provides a rollback function for the cases in which you happen to assign the order to the wrong customer. It’s easy and quick and you will have much to gain from installing this extension, as it will certainly improve your customers’ experience with your store. In the end, this is what really matters when managing a Magento web store, that your customers are satisfied with the platform, and all efforts go into that task, whether it’s speed or performance optimization, different extensions or upgrade endeavors.

There are plenty of great features that characterize the Magento Assign Order to Customer extension. Apart from the ability to assign guest orders to registered customers and any order from one customer to another, you will also enjoy the ability to assign multiple orders to one customer, by using mass action. In addition, as mentioned above, the tool comes with a rollback features that enable you to correct any wrong assignments and you can also view a complete history of assigned orders. The email customer notification feature is also of great help, enhancing customer experience. The extension can be easily installed in no more than 2 minutes and you benefit from free support. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about what version of Magento you are using, because the tool meets the platform’s practices for most versions and it is compatible with the vast majority of customizations.