League of Legends – a profitable business 06/17/14

With the advent of the Internet, entrepreneurs all over the world have started to see and take advantage of the opportunities the online marketplace offers.  This is why you will notice an increase in the number of businesses that are based on ingenious ideas. Online businesses are in general profitable and run on low costs. The examples of successful online businesses are numerous, but the best examples are in the entertainment industry. While the apparition of smartphones has triggered an avalanche of new Android games and applications, the apparition of the Steam has brought a change in the way in which PC games are released and played. Besides the fact that online games are truly profitable and in most cases quite easy to develop, there are also many other businesses that reap their profits by taking advantage of the popularity of a game. League of Legends is currently the most played game in the world and the effects of this popularity can be seen in the number of online platforms selling League of Legends skins.

The most important rule in business is to offer services or products high in demand. Considering the fact that League of Legends is played by 27 million people per day, it is not surprising that offering rare League of Legends skins is a profitable and at the same time ingenious business idea.  LOL is a multiplayer online battle arena where you can control a character from your computer provided that you have an Internet connection. This type of games benefit from the desire gamers have to compete and offer a platform where they can flaunt their skills and levels. League of Legends also offers the opportunity to play in groups, so gamers can either make friends online or ask their real life friends to team up with them and increase their Elo. From the perspective of an entrepreneur, League of Legends is a game that meets all the requirements to become popular.

When it comes to the gaming industry, the demands of the targeted audience can change in any moment. You can clearly see that all games have a peak and become history after another game that meets current tastes appears on the market. This is why the developers of popular games always release new versions in an attempt to keep players interested. This is also one of the secrets that led to the tremendous success of League of Legends. The maps, characters and features of the game are constantly changing getting players hooked for good. The fact that you compete directly with other players and you have room to grow offers League of Legends a competitive edge against games that require the clearing out a map. This game has gained a leading position in all charts in terms of number of hours played and number of players logged in. With millions of potential customers obsessed with playing the game, it was just a matter of time until online businesses selling League of Legends skins appeared on the dedicated marketplace.