Learn how to screen-print your T-shirt at home         09/19/15

The truth is that not all people are the same and this is supported by the fact that people have different personalities that set them apart from the rest of the world. The personality of each individual is reflected in the way that he acts, but also in the way that he dresses. This is why some are pickier with the close that they wear and why those with a more creative personality prefer imprinted garments over classical ones. If you want to have a original appearance, there are many companies that offer t-shirt screen printing Toronto. On the other hand, you can learn how to design your own garment. Once you know the basic steps, it is not very difficult.

Choose your design

The design should be a reflection of your tastes. For example, you can choose to imprint your favourite soccer team or a singer that you appreciate. Others who are skilled at drawing and have a little imagination can create real works of art. If the garment is not intended for personal use, but rather for someone else such as a local band or the sports team you should create something that emphasizes the message. When deciding on the design, you should also picture how the design will appear on the T-shirt because the colors chosen may have a different appearance on the material. For inspiration, you can consider surfing the web.

Color scheme

Colors are divided into two major categories: cold and warm. For enhanced effects, you should consider color contrast, in other words applying a lighter color on a darker background. The reason is that certain colors appear differently on darker backgrounds, especially when they are printed. If you want to highlight a text, then you should set the text on a darker background so as to make it easier to read. Colors that look great on the computer or on paper may not have the desired effect once printed. For example, brown and green do complement each other, but the difference will be notable on the material.

Set up a work shop at home

For the printing you will need fabric ink, a screen and a squeegee. It is not necessary to complicate things and thus you have to buy ink that is already mixed and a ready-made screen. The first thing you need to do is to mask the sides that are not intended for impressing. The fabric has to be laid flat and the stencil should be placed right where you desire to insert the design. After that, apply the ink all over and hold the squeegee with firmness over the stencil to spread the coat better. Just pull down the screen, making sure to eliminate the excess ink and repeat the operation a couple of times. Finally, expose the image to the sun and clear the screen with water in order to be able to apply the design on the shirt. A good idea is to perform a test before actually applying the print to the shirt.