Microsoft Surface Pro 12/22/13

A couple of years ago, the gadget trends demanded the newest products to be as small as possible in order for them to be comfortable to wear and use. The slimming part of these minimizing trends was rather useful but the shrinking trend did not last. As you have probably notices, the next generation tablets are larger now than the previous model. We assume that this will go on for a while until they become too large at which point they will start shrinking again. However, as much as the manufacturers of smart devices obsesses over size, that this not the main problem with portable gadgets. The main problem is the lack of buttons which is supposed to be a good think but it makes it harder for the users to interact with the devices effortlessly. Perhaps it was this reasoning that led Microsoft to develop the Surface Pro. This product is a hybrid between a tablet and laptop and it combines the best qualities of both devices. Lets dig deeper into the specifications of the Microsoft Surface Pro and see if this device will make tablets more comfortable to use.

  • Main use

There are very few people who continue to use desktops as laptops and tablets are becoming very accessible and affordable. However, desktops did have their benefits and one might say that they are irreplaceable for working environments. The Microsoft Surface Pro is designed in order to offer the same benefits as a desktop or a laptop but in a smaller size and a more comfortable shape.

  • Specifications

Microsoft Surface Pro features the same elements of the previous R/T version but also a lot of new features such as an improved multi-touch technology. It features an Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge CPU, HD Graphics 4000 and 128GB SSD. Pro’s innovative Touch Cover is incredibly precise, putting the Surface Pro way above competitive products. the 16:9 aspect ratio and full HD display touchscreen delivers a resolution of 1080p. The unique keyboard also doubles as a protective cover so that the users can choose whether or not they need it. Another interesting accessory is the Pro Pen which you can use in order to take notes, mark documents or draw. The tablet can also be connected to wireless networks and Bluetooth devices. The Pro Surface also features two cameras and a microphone. In a nutshell, this product is meant to improve the functions of a table without any inconveniences.