Minecraft server hosting – a great business idea 10/17/14

Minecraft is at origins an indie game that was created by Markus Persson or “Notch” in 2009. The game gained popularity extremely fast and was bought by a game developing company Mojang, only to be taken again by Microsoft this year. Minecraft is probably one of the most played games in history with millions of people all around the world immersed in the open world every day. The game is free to download and install, but you only get to play offline in single player, which can get quite boring. After getting the bug, players start wishing to join a server and this is when they are required to pay up. This crazy popularity has brought Notch a great notoriety and lots of money of course, but he is not the only one that took advantage of the large number of people willing to pay in order to play the game multiplayer. While users are allowed to create their own servers, hosting companies have benefited greatly by offering Minecraft hosting solutions to those interested in becoming an administrator. The best Minecraft server hosting options are of course dedicated servers, but cheaper shared hosting can also bring hosting providers great revenue, because we talk about great numbers of potential customers ready to pay for their hobby.

The reason why this game became so popular is probably its uniqueness. While games today try to amaze through spectacular graphics and complex plots, Minecraft, although 3D, has poor graphics and absolutely no story to tell at all. There are no heroes or villains and the graphics look like they could have been designed by a two-year old, but this is exactly the charm of the game. You get the task to build and use your creativity in Minecraft, instead of conquering maps, so many gamers thought of it as a breath of fresh air after battling with aliens, dragons, armies and zombies. The fact that you can build your own world in Minecraft is also the reason why so many people wish to own their own servers instead of joining one. Finding an administrator that has the same goals as you might be difficult, not to mention that most servers use poor hosting solutions and the game would have lags. Those companies that can offer the best Minecraft server hosting solutions can easily gain a leading position on the dedicated market, because the Minecraft community will immediately recommend them to other players.

The best part about this type of business is that it targets everyone from children to old people. Minecraft is a non-violent game that stimulates the creativity and intelligence of children. Curiously enough kids and teenagers seem to like it, so parents like to encourage them to play this game and will pay for hosting solutions. It is needless to mention that adults also love this game and can easily pay up a monthly hosting fee to make it more exiting. Another reason why a Minecraft hosting company can be a great hit is the fact that it does not require a great hardware configuration.