Mobile e-commerce websites – the importance of responsiveness 04/07/14

When it comes to e-commerce websites, going responsive is usually followed by a great increase in revenue. It is only natural for a highly converting mobile e-commerce platform to show an impressive increase in revenue considering the fact that mobile devices are becoming a big part of our lives. People use their smartphones constantly whether at home or at work, but especially when bored or when using public transportation and e-commerce strategies target exactly that frame of mind. We usually tend to buy things whenever we are bored and our mobile devices are the first thing that comes to mind when we need to get rid of our boredom.

Another reason why e-commerce mobile websites are popular among customers is because they are efficient and easy to navigate. While visitors expect mobile applications and websites to be intuitive and easy to use, it is important to have a highly responsive web design in order to meet those expectations. Not any mobile e-commerce platform can become successful, it has to offer customers what they need and desire. Customers browse e-commerce websites differently on their mobile devices, because the space is limited and navigation is made though touchscreens. This means that the design of the mobile version of your website needs to be adapted to the new conditions.

Even though smartphones have generally bigger screens than phones of the past, you still cannot afford the luxury to present a large menu on an e-commerce mobile site. You need to stick to relevant content and start prioritizing the most important features of your website. You also need to provide easy access to the search box and develop an intuitive design. Keeping it simple is not as easy as it might seem at first sight, especially when you have many things to offer. However, you can get creative and provide a dynamic website that uses off-canvas navigation. The trick to this type of navigation is that it must be highly intuitive or your customers will become frustrated trying to figure out what to do next. Besides top-level navigation and an accessible search box, you will also need an instant cart, store finder and a log in button. Usually, these buttons need to remain in the same position so as to not confuse the users.

Responsive web design focuses on the user’s experience. Therefore, mobile websites need to be first of all finger friendly. If the buttons are too small it will become a great impediment in the navigation process. Touchscreens do not work well with small targets and having to concentrate hard to hit the purchase button will only annoy your customers. If you wish to increase revenue and go responsive, it is important to choose a reliable design company. You can find a digital agency in Colchester that can optimize your e-commerce website for mobile use at competitive prices, but you also need to check out its experience in this domain. One of the most renowned companies offering responsive web design in Colchester is