Offices with swimming pools – the latest trend in corporations 01/25/16

When we think about work we think about offices, concrete buildings, bland spaces, cubicles, stress and a sedentary life, but corporations are trying to change their negative image and do something for their employees’ physical and mental health. Some large companies already have gyms where employees can work out throughout the day as a pick-me-up, but corporations are taking things to the next level and are starting to build swimming pools and hot tubs. It sounds like a crazy idea and the implementation costs aren’t small, but experts say that making this change has amazing effects on the state of mind and productivity of employees. If you run your own company and have the budget to make extravagant investment, here are the top reasons why you should pick up a leaf from the book of corporations and contact Uxbridge pool builders and install a pool near an office space.

Swimming – great physical benefits


Working in an office for eight or more hours a day is considered as sedentary lifestyle and has been classified as a health thread more than once. Workers are advised to get up at least once an hour, otherwise they developing serious health conditions, including with heart disease, lower back pain and obesity. There is great pressure on large companies to offer their employees a way of working out at work, during their breaks, because they might not always have time to do so at the end of their shift. In addition to gyms, which swimming pools allow the staff to take care of their health. It is common knowledge that swimming, as fun as it may be, works the most muscle groups and prevents all of the above mentioned health conditions. A half our spent swimming is the equivalent of one hour at the gym, so this is definitely a way of helping your employees stay in shape.


How office facilities help you company


Having a pool built in your office is not cheap, so you’re probably wondering how such a large investment benefits you in the long run. First of all, swimming helps your employees relax and clear their mind, attenuating stress, anxiety and pressure. As a result, they work in a better state of mind, which in turn leads to increased productivity. Secondly, having a work environment with great facilities (that otherwise they would have to pay for) makes employees like their jobs more, have a positive attitude towards their superiors and even spend more time at work voluntarily.


Pool installation costs – are they worth it?


As mentioned before, installing a swimming pool in an office is not cheap and you need to comply with several standards. If your building allows it and you’re sure this is a good strategy for you, then you should contact a local supplier and get a quote. Your employees will definitely love the idea and you will notice that they become more productive and fond of their workplace.