Organise a memorable corporate event for your foreign partners 12/26/18

If you plan to expand your business internationally, then you should start looking for foreign partners. The best way to attract potential partners is to organise a corporate event, to present your company and your expansion plan. If this is the first international event you are planning, then you will have to get out of your comfort zone. It is a challenging thing to do, and it will be both exciting and scary to plan it. Even the most experienced event planner would have anxiousness feelings if they would have to plan an event that would decide the future of their business. This event will either make or break your business, because it is quite difficult for companies to access new markets. And when it comes to organising a memorable event for partners that come from foreign countries, you will have to consider aspects like their culture, society and the social barriers that stand between you.

Your main question may be where do you start? What should you do to plan the perfect event?

Research their culture

The destination of your business expansion is already decided. Therefore, you should start by researching the main cultural aspects this state is known for internationally. If you want to impress them, you should take a step further and check the books from a library. You will have to understand their cultural etiquette and their business practices if you want to win them over.

Make the event secure and safe

When foreign investors accept an event invitation, they want to make sure that they will feel safe, and you have to guarantee them that they will receive the best security protection, they could get. If you do not have experience with organising events for foreign investors, and you have no idea what security measures you have to take, you should get in touch with a professional company. You can visit their site to determine if the company you plan to hire, can help you.

Collaborate with a professional event planner

A crucial step in organising the event is to find a professional event planner who has organised in the past corporate events for guests from the country you plan to expand your company. It would be amazing if you would find an event planner native from that particular region.

Meet your guests face to face

Before your guests arrive at the party, you should welcome them at the airport. You should make sure you meet them face to face at least one time before they attend the party. You can have a familiarization trip in their country, to see what their business values are and to get to know better the market you want to access. Make a list with potential partners and make sure to respect their preferences when they choose the venue. It will help you know them better, understand their preferences and acquire knowledge on how you should plan the event.

If you have difficulties in planning the event, you should not wait too long before asking for help. Corporate event planners are more than happy to help, and to offer you recommendations.