Practical gifts for office Secret Santa 12/13/16


The holidays are quickly approaching. There are only a few weeks left until the biggest holiday of the year is here. Have you made your Christmas list? Have you decided on what you are going to get to each and every family member? Things can get even more complicated if your office is hosting a Secret Santa celebration. Family gifts are rather personal choices, you have to know who you are offering the present to, what he or she wants. Many details are involved when it comes to your loved ones, but you have to know them. This is how you are going to decide. Office Secret Santa are simpler. If you do not know your colleague all that well, you can put a bit of your personality in the gift. In fact this is how the game works. The purpose of all Secret Santa celebrations is to bring the team together. So, here are a few practical gift ideas you might want to give a real thought to. They might be real choices that could save your life for this year’s Secret Santa.

Phone cases

You might think that mobile phone cases are not much of a gift. You might ask yourself who would like to receive such a present. Well, the right question you should be asking is who doesn’t use a mobile case. Everyone invests in such a case. Everyone wants to protect their phones. People these days like to play around with phones. They don’t invest in one such device and keep it for the rest of their life. People like to change phones as often as they can. They like to buy one and then sell it later. A phone case protects the case, it ads personality and sparkle. Phone cases are just as essential as headphones. All phone users know this all too well. This is why this is a practical gift that will most certainly be highly appreciated.

Power banks

How much do you use your phone? You go online, posts all sorts of messages on various social platforms, you even take pictures with it. You can listen to music and finally you carry out long conversations and text a lot on it. How much does the battery of your phone last? Has it happen to be left without a drop of energy in your phone? If so, then you know exactly how practical a power bank is. You simply charge it and when you see that your phone is running down on its battery, you connect it to this device. If you have this problem, then you know that your work colleagues are going through the exact same situations. It’s clear that it will make a great Secret Santa gift.


Do you have good music in your phone? Do you like walking to work and listening to your favourite tunes? If you do, then you know you are going to appreciate a really good set of headphones. If you know you have a colleague who is really passionate about music, then a pair of headphones is a great gift. What makes them practical is that you can talk on the phone without using your hands. So, if you receive a call when you are driving, simply connect the headphone and enjoy a lovely conversation.