review 02/12/15

In a society where every business needs to have a great website to attract new customers and maintain their old ones, more and more business owners choose to hire experienced web designers to create them personalized websites. The problem is that most of these designs are made in Photoshop and they will require a conversion to an actual CMS. This is how WordPress has gained its popularity, as it offers its users complete control of their websites without needing vast programming skills. To this extent, is a Dutch web development company specialized in PSD to WordPress theme conversion. This company aims to deliver professional services to all those who wish to have a fully functional WordPress website, but do not have any knowledge about this platform or the time to start coding. So if you are prepared to convert PSD to WordPress, here is what you should know about this provider. works with a team of highly experienced wed designers, which enable it to complete its projects on time and deliver quality PSD to WordPress Development services. The project ordering process at is fairly simple. People simply have to follow a few steps, which include introducing details about their project, if they want HTML5/CSS3 or xHTML/CSS, responsive design and so on. After that, they choose if they want a webshop or not and proceed to choosing any additional functionalities that are included in the price. They are free to choose whatever layout, Javascript and plugin installation they want. They can also choose if they want to add their project to their portfolio once it is done or maintain their privacy. All that remains is for them to upload their files, as many as they have and proceed to open an account. The entire process is very user-friendly and can be done by anyone, regardless of their experience with computers or programming. The great part is that you can see exactly how much everything you add costs and how long it will take for your project to be completed.


A project usually takes between one day and three weeks depending on how many pages it has. is opened to communicating with its clients as much as they might need. During workdays all emails are answered within the hour. The team behind this company understands how frustrating it can be to wait for an answer, which is why it always tries to prevent any delays and answer as soon as possible. All designs sent to are converted manually, by scratch, creating unique WordPress themes and a clean code, which may not seem very important at first, but in time you will come to appreciate it. In addition, this company also offers on-site search engine optimization, to help websites get indexed by Google faster and thus reach their targeted viewers. Clients may wonder what browsers their newly converted websites will be compatible with when they use the services of this company. does not deliver its projects until they are fully compatible with safari, FireFox, chrome, Internet Explorer 7 and higher and Opera. In addition, the team behind this company will make sure all projects are properly displayed on tablets and smartphones too.


Since almost all PSD to WordPress projects involve jQuery animations and non-standard browser supported fonts, this company implements these two elements completely free, in an effort to keep projects costs as low as possible. After having completed every project, installs it on its server, allowing its clients to review it and offer their feedback. After that, once the feedback has been resolved, clients have the option of either installing their WordPress theme on their server themselves or allowing one of the members of to do it for them. Since this service is completely free of charge, most clients allow the company to install their projects. While this company tries its best to deliver perfect projects, should clients discover any error post project completion, will resolve them free of charge, regardless of how much time has passed since project delivery.


Overall, this company offers great services and the fact that it has a user-friendly attitude and is opened to communicating with its clients at all time is definitely a bonus. With fast and prompt delivery times and quality work, is a good choice for those who want to hire professional PSD to WordPress conversion services and do not want to take any chances regarding the quality of their website.