Samsung S9 Ultra HD 85-Inch TV 01/02/14

Digital technology has advanced a lot in the last few years. In fact, it advanced so much that virtual reality seems right around the corner. The most anticipated digital product of 2013 was the Samsung S9 Ultra HD 85-Inch TV. This futuristic TV has an industrial design and it features a high technology which delivers unbelievably realistic images.The 4 K technology delivers an incredible high definition picture quality. The 4000 pixels ensure an amazing viewing experience which is unlikely to be matched by similar products any time soon. Lets take a closer look at this high def beast and see if it really delivers everything that it promises and whether or not we can afford it any time soon.

  • Specifications

At the moment, the Samsung S9 Ultra HD 85-Inch TV is the largest 4K LED TV ever built. This incredible TV features a retina-like resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels as well as all the latest Samsung features. It is powered by a quad-core CPU which manages to effortlessly handle all the TV’s features and the highest resolutions. The viewing angles are perfect and the contrast is almost infinite. The Led back-light clusters and the Precision Black Pro feature delivers deep blacks as well as intense whites. The S9 also features 2,2 integrated speakers which deliver 120W which is six times higher than most slim TVs. The quad-core ARM Exynos processor can be upgraded if it were ever to become outdated. Last but not least, this HDTV also has voice and motion control and it also supports modern online and offline features as well as various apps or media players.

  • Price

When hearing about the $40,000 price tag of the Samsung S9 Ultra HD 85-Inch TV, most people consider it outrageous without even taking into account the technology that went into creating this product. After all, this sum is more than enough in order to build a sophisticated home theater system. However, if you are to take a closer look at this incredible HDTV, you would discover that it is way above competitive products. In fact, when placed near the latest competitive HDTVs, it makes them look antique and obsolete. However, the price tag alone tells us that this product is not for the average citizens. It is designed for the higher class who spare no expenses or for the people who truly appreciate new technologies. However, as exorbitant as this price sounds, it is not the most expensive TV ever built. For example, the 152-inch TH-152UX1 3D 4K2K HDTV costs no less than $480,000. Do you still think that the new Samsung HDTV is too expensive? Granted, is not as big as the 152-inch Panasonic but it is indubitably a higher quality product.