Selecting the right SSO solution – useful tips 01/30/17


Credential loss might be an issue many businesses face, and trying to manage it can bring various challenges. A proper alternative for enterprises would be a single sign-on solution, which are known for brining various convenient benefits. However, choosing a SSO software is not the easiest decision to make, because you need to have a few important considerations in mind. The following tips and guidelines will help you select a SSO solution that will only benefit your enterprise, without causing any further challenges or complications. Read the following information before making a decision:  

Is it convenient and easy to use?

The first thing to look for in this type of software is ease of use. A SSO solution should allow users the possibility of adopting it in their daily routine without causing any complications or inconveniences. Remember that this type of software can change the way users will interact with various applications, and you should be 100 percent sure that the transition will bring only advantages and will not cause issues in any way.

Password management efficiency 

In terms of password management, the solution you receive should simplify not harden things for you. The efficiency of a management station should meet all of your needs and requirements, making things easier for your IT department and not giving you more to manage. Can the SSO software generate and change passwords easily? Will users have the chance of resetting their own password without additional support from your part? These are important questions to ask before choosing a SSO solution.

Application included

Some SSO solution allow you to single sign-on only for particular applications, such as Web ones only for example. Before making a choice and deciding to implement a particular solution, you should inform yourself about the applications that the software can cover. It is recommended to go with a SSO option that functions as a single sign-on for all the applications of your enterprise, host, windows and web based. This way, you will benefit from increased convenience and accessibility.

Provider reliability

One way to establish if the SSO software you are interested in installing is a good option for your enterprise is by analyzing the reliability of the provider. Read about the benefits offered by the provider’s single sing-on solution, and figure out is it is exactly what you are looking for. Moreover, you can look for reviews on the internet, to see what other users think of this particular software, and if it has proven to be useful for their businesses.

A SSO solution can prove to be extremely beneficial for the productivity of your business but in order for you to notice considerable improvements, it is imperative to make sure the software you go with is the best option for you. Now that you know a bit more on the topic, and are aware of the most essential considerations, making a choice will not seem impossible. After implementing this type of solution, if chosen accordingly, you will notice the amazing advantages it can bring.