Shopping for golf rangefinders – online vs. offline? 03/16/15

Once found in exclusively in specialized stores, golf rangefinders are now widely available and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to find an online store that sells them. In fact, the prevalence of online merchandise has made most golf players uses this medium for their equipment purchase needs. Sure, there will always be those conservative player who prefer seeing items with their own eyes and inspecting them before paying, but, in general, the trend is to go for web-based stores when possible. The product variety is definitely rich: you can find golf watches, binoculars, GPS and laser rangefinders. But is this variety enough to substitute the traditional market? Where are you most likely to come across high end products?

First of all, when possible, purchase golf equipment in brick and mortar stores. There are several reasons why you should do this. On the one hand, there are plenty of online shops that sell counterfeit merchandise and you might have the unpleasant surprise of discovering your $500 GPS watch is a Chinese fake. Professional tournament players should be extra careful, because in competitions you need to have quality devices that you can rely on. On the other hand, rangefinders need to be tested. You have to check whether or not you are comfortable with the weight and size of the gadget and give it a small test to see if you’re happy with the user experience and user interface. In larger cities, professional golf stores have well trained staff that can give you bespoke advice based on your needs and level of experience. Online reviews are great, but sometimes you have to speak face to face with someone in order to get the best recommendations.

Unfortunately, not every city has a prestigious golf stores. Sometimes, all you get is a universal athletic goods store with generic merchandise that doesn’t really serve a purpose. In these cases, online platforms can be of great help, but you will have to pay attention which one you choose, especially if Internet shopping is not your thing. Make sure you only make an account on official websites, authorized resellers or platforms such as Amazon, where you can spot a scam right away. Pay attention to delivery conditions too, because laser rangefinders are more fragile and can easily get damaged. Once you can find such a store, and you get accustomed to its product range, you’re all set. Sometimes, buying online is more profitable, because websites don’t have to pay rent and therefore don’t add large commission to their prices. From time to time, you can even find great sales and finally buy a rangefinder that you’ve wanted to buy for a while. In the end, the bottom line is that both the offline and online markets have their strengths and weaknesses. When available, traditional stores are better because they allow you to carefully inspect the merchandise and get bespoke recommendations. However, online stores are the best for those who don’t have access to dedicated providers in their regions or are looking for bargains.