Steps to finding the best software development company   06/27/16

If you have a great business idea but you do not have a background in programming, you will need to hire software development talent. What you should keep in mind is that proficient developers work in teams, so you should avoid dealing with freelancers. The likelihood is what you will need more than one person working in your project, so make sure to avoid rock stars.  You will need to find real talent, namely a company that is capable of designing business-critical applications and who ultimately shares your passion. While the number of software development companies has increased in the last couple of years, finding an exceptional candidate is a real challenge. After all, how do you explore the ability to find a genuine software solution? Finding the right candidate will be a complex undertaking, but your job will be easier if you follow these steps:


Spend as much time as you need

The worst thing that you can do is rush the entire process. This is an old rule but it is a good one. If you want to work with the best, you should take your time evaluating candidates. A company with mediocre employees will only slow you down. You should rather turn your attention to a company that promotes excellence. The software will be built by more than one persons, so you can rest assured that they will increase your production cycle. Take your time and figure out what exactly is that you want. It is particularly helpful to determine what your priorities are. Only after you have established your priorities can you start the hunt.

Getting started with the search

Unless you already know a team of talented software engineers, you will have to use the number one source of technical talent: the Internet. This is a great source of candidates and by perusing through the online page of the company you will get samples of how talented the employees actually are. The beauty of this source is the fact that you get a clear idea about the technical expertise of the developer. Talent is more important than longevity because you will not be working with the company for a very long time. Basically you need to get as much from the tam of experts as possible in the time you have.

Ask for a prototype

Once you have met with a company that you would like to hire, you should ask them to build you a prototype. This is an effective determination of technical proficiency and it says more about the skills of the programmers than programming language. Ask the developers to build you a prototype and determine how fast they work and how much attention the employees pay to detail. This exercise is better than the simple interview. These details should not be ignored as they are the most important element of the evaluation process. The process is somewhat similar to talking to a contractor. You demand assurance that the construction foundation is durable.