The characteristics of a good golf rangefinder 07/24/15

Golf rangefinders are essential tools on the court, because they increase hitting accuracy considerably. Used during a game, a good rangefinder will give the player a competitive edge, not to mention that it will help golf beginners train their shots more efficiently and help them map the court with better accuracy. Some golf rangefinders go as far as helping players choose the clubs for each shot and measure the trajectory of the ball. However, the thing that separates a good gold rangefinder from a mediocre tool is the ability to provide a precise estimate of the distance to the target, which is usually the flag. Keep in mind that one must to choose their rangefinder depending on their skill level, specific requirements, type of frequented courses and of course preferences. You also need to make an informed decision and check out reviews and specialized articles published on reliable websites such as before making a purchase. Following are the basic characteristics of a good rangefinder:

State of the art technology

Make sure the rangefinders you review for purchase use the latest GPS or laser technology. The devices used in the past were less reliable and accurate, not to mention more bulky. The advent of technology has made possible the emergence of highly precise rangefinders with complex capabilities and applications. You should focus on searching devices that were recently launched on the dedicated market. Features like a built in scanner, slope finder, magnification, pin seeker technology and multi coated optics can only be found at the latest models.

Ideal maximum distance range

The most important aspect you need to consider when purchasing a golf rangefinder is the maximum distance range. At the moment, the maximum range provided by the devices available on the market is 1500 yards. However, you should also take into consideration the type of courses you like to frequent. A rangefinder with a range of 1000 yards should suffice for most golf players, so do not go to great lengths just to find a device with maximum capabilities, if you have no use for them.

Easy to use

Measuring devices need to be easy to use and efficient to make their investment worthwhile. If players need to fumble with the buttons for a long time just to set the device up instead of practicing their shots, the purpose of the golf rangefinder will be beaten. What is more, the measurements must be clearly displayed to ensure players do not get confused and interpret the data wrongly. The quality of the display is also important, as it must provide clear results during both sunny and cloudy days.

Lightweight and small-sized

Golf players need to carry their rangefinders on the court everywhere they go. You need to take into consideration this aspect when purchasing your rangefinder, because these devices come in various sizes and weights. A compact and light rangefinder will be more efficient and easy to use and quick readings is all that matters during a heated golf competition.