The importance of responsiveness in web design 01/22/15

With the advent of the mobile technology, web development professionals have started to be concerned about the responsiveness of web design. If you access a website without a responsive from your mobile phone or tablet, you will notice that the size of the screen makes the website impossible to browse through, not to mention that images take too long to load. With the mobile usage increasing every day, introducing responsive design has become of utmost importance. People have started to use their smartphone for everyday tasks such as looking for a place to eat, shopping, surfing the Internet and even watching video online. Internet users are more educated and exigent than in the past and avoid mobile unfriendly websites. Therefore, it is essential for businesses that wish to increase their online exposure to hire a professional team of web developers capable of creating mobile friendly websites. Efter omständigheterna och faktan så kan du förlora potenciella kunder om du inte investerar I mobilanpassad design, hemsidas pris ska inte stoppa dig från att göra några ändringar. More than that, there are many web developers that can handle this task within your limited budget, so you can find affordable solutions by researching the dedicated market carefully.

To understand the importance of responsive design in todays’ mobile forward world, you can imagine a scenario. Someone waiting for the bus and browsing the web from their smartphones discovers a pair of shoes you happen to sell, but cannot place an order because of your mobile unfriendly website that refuses to load completely. The online market is highly competitive, so finding a similar provider is easy for the user, but you have lost the chance of selling your products and probably a potentially loyal customer. People do not have the patience or any reason to put up with an online platform that is difficult to navigate, so they avoid using websites without mobile responsive design. What is more, the image of a business that uses an incomplete website can get ruined. Considering the fact that user experience plays a key role in the way in which web design evolved a website that does not offer immediate and intuitive access to information becomes useless.


If you wish to hire a team of web developers capable of creating responsive design, you should carefully check its portfolio. Although simple in theory, constructing a site in a way in which its content, images and structure remain unchanged irrespective of the devices used to access it is a complex process. The purpose of responsive design is to let you get a full view of a website both on your large PC screen and on the very small screen of your smartphone. A normal website would not run properly on a mobile device for three reasons. First of all, the size of the screen is incompatible. Secondly, the hardware specifications of a PC and mobile phone are different and thirdly, loading a full website on your mobile phone uses too much data.