The importance of scheduling apps for beauty salons 09/14/15

If you have a beauty salon, you probably know how important it is to be able to manage your appointments successfully. People expect to be able to count on you and receive their services exactly when they were promised. As a service provider, you need to be sure that the entire process runs perfectly; otherwise you risk losing your clients to your competition. You can visit this website to find out more benefits of salon scheduling apps.

Easy appointment scheduling

When someone calls to make an appointment, you will be able to register that client without any problems. In addition, professional apps are available on multiple devices; so several people can access them at the same time. In case someone calls when you are not at the salon, you can just access the app from your smartphone or tablet and make the appointment. This way nobody is forgotten and the appointments never get mixed. Also, appointments can be color coded, meaning that you will know from a glance which ones have been successfully completed, which clients are running late and what hours or days you have available for other clients.

Client management

One of the most important aspects of any business is the ability to manage clients successfully. Rather than asking the same client their details every time, you will already have everything you need in your database and thus you will be able to make appointments considerably faster. Furthermore, a database also allows you to implement a marketing campaign and advertise your services properly. Email marketing campaigns are known for their success and efficiency and if you ask your clients if you can send them an email every time you have a special offer, most of them will be interested. This is a great way to increase the client return rate and motivate them to visit your salon more often.

Inventory tracking

Few things can be more embarrassing than having to tell your clients that you don’t have in stock the product they need. This situation could be easily avoided if you could keep track of your entire inventory easily and the best way to do it is with the same appointment app that you carry around all day. Just think about it, you would constantly have access to information about your inventory and thus be able to place orders at your suppliers before you run out of everything you need. You could keep the same color code and sort your products depending on their status. Even if you do run out of something, you would at least be able to know if you have reordered that product and offer an estimate on how long it will be before it arrives.


This is why using a good scheduling app is so important and why you need to make this investment in case you do not already have one. It will help your business grow and help you to offer better customer services.