The main features of tilt and turn windows 01/25/16

Windows are considered to be an essential component of the comfort and aesthetics of a home, meaning that they are not simply something you are staring out of. On the contrary, selecting the right type of opening is a task you should take seriously. If you are looking for a superior design, then what better option than tilt & turn windows. This European system has a remarkable performance, not to mention that it is long-lasting, reason why it so very much preferred by both architects and industry professionals. If you do not know very much about the functional benefits of this framing system, then it is time to start learning. Following is everything you need to know about tilt and turn windows.

Protecting your British habit

The major disadvantage of outward opening designs is the fact that they conflict with the curtains and the blinds inside you home. Another point to consider is that at the lower level, the windows will touch your beloved plants or pictures. What you need is an indoor opening system because it is more practical. To be more precise, there is a guarantee that the window will not conflict with the board and thanks to the limited internal projection you will be able to accommodate your curtains and blinds.

Thermal performance

Contrary to what you may think, tilt and turn windows are not designed so as to ease the opening and closing operation, but rather to provide better protection against cold air and moisture. Instead of relying on heaters, you should resort to natural means like external sun screening. You will also be able to save on energy bills owing to the fact that the hot air stays inside. The framing system is so strong that it can withstand harsh weather conditions without cracking or warping. As long as it is properly installed, the framing complies with all standard regulations.

Keeping you safe from hazards

If your main concern is the protection of your children and that of your pets, then the European system is what you need. By placing the window in the tilt position, you can ventilate the entire room without having to worry that your kid will climb on the board or that your pet will escape. In addition to this, the framing system protects you against intruders. Once it is in the tilt position, the aperture is impossible to open from the outside, thus making your home a lot safer. As an added bonus, some items have security sensors that immediately sound off the alarm.

Little to no maintenance

The good news is that tilt and turn windows are convenient because they are very easy to clean. More precisely, all you need is detergent and soapy water. Thanks to the opening system, you can do the work from inside the room. Additionally, the construction does not require painting. After having giving them a good clean, hey will look new again. Although the hardware may need some lubrication, it will not feel like a chore.