The struggle to eliminate HGV blindspots – what can be done 12/28/16

Every year, there are several hundred cases of traffic accidents involving cyclists and HGV drivers and this number is alarmingly increasing by the day. Traffic inadvertency and the fact that road users get distracted by various things can have some serious consequences sometimes, leading even to cyclists being killed in traffic. In order to reduce the number of accidents, drivers are strongly advised to install HGV audible alarms and other systems that help them benefit from safer driving. Here is what you can do in order to improve your driving.

Audible alarms

One of the things that are definitely going to be of great help for HGV drivers in traffic are audible alarms and proximity sensors. Due to the fact that nowadays numerous people opt for riding bicycles on their way to work rather than driving a car is a great thing for the environment, this is true, but at the same time the number of traffic accidents has significantly increased. Heavy Goods Vehicle drivers are more prone to get distracted and to not be able to see cyclists in traffic and in most cases the latter ones get injured or even killed. In order to avoid these things from happening anymore, it is highly recommended that HGV drivers install audible alarms and proximity sensors that help them pay greater attention to what is happening on the road and avoid accidents. These alarms notice you if there is another road user in your proximity that you are not able to see due to the so-called blindspots, so the moment you have to turn left, there is no one injured.

Camera systems

Camera systems are also a great investment for your Heavy Goods Vehicle, since they record what is happening in traffic and in case you get involved in an accident for instance that is not caused by your fault, you can use the recording in court to prove you are innocent. Look for companies that provide this type of systems and install one on your lorry as soon as possible to benefit from safer driving.

Keep your eyes on the road

Although these systems and upgrades do give you higher level of safety and security in traffic, this does not mean that you have to rely on them all the time. Try not to get distracted while driving, but keep your eyes on the road all the time, since this is the best “system” you can resort to in traffic.