Tips to avoid driving into an online car-buying fraud 04/10/17


When it comes to buying cars, most people nowadays browse the Internet not only to learn more about the car model they are interested in, but also to buy it. Working with an online car dealer may seem insecure, but it is actually not. If you have not decided on a model yet, know that Edmunds claims that Toyota RAV4 is a great choice for big families who love to travel a lot. The next step is to find a reliable car dealer, so here are some helpful tips to avoid being the victim of an online scam.

If the deal seems too good to be true, chances are it is

Do your research well before you resort to a specific car deal. If one of the deals seems just too good to ignore it, you should actually do so – ignore it because chances are it is a scam. You will never find a real brand-new Toyota RAV4 that costs no more than $60,000, so pay attention to the deals you find.

Establish telephone contact with the dealer

Before you make any decision, it is crucial you come in contact with the car seller and to learn where you can find the car. Ask the seller when would be convenient for them to come and inspect the car, even though you do not plan to do so precisely. Asking about the title is also a good method to make the difference between a scam seller and a reliable one.

Do not provide personal information yet

Even though by the phone the seller seems legit and reliable, under no circumstances should you provide them with personal information or financial details yet. First, ensure you verity whether or not the online escrow company is trust-worthy and legitimate. Only then you can consider providing the necessary information.

The seller insists on using a specific escrow company – scam

You have found a seller that seems to match your needs, but the seller insists that you use a specific online escrow company. Such situations should make you raise your eyebrows and be sceptical about the validity and reliability of the seller. Chances are that seller may try to steer you toward a scam site.

Be very careful when you buy a car, because there are some sellers that may try to steal your money. If you keep in mind these tips, you will have nothing to worry about though.