Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2016 09/01/16

When one becomes an entrepreneur, many of their romantic dreams of starting their own business are crowded out by the stress of the eighteen hour days that they spend laboring to make their company into a success. They are told over and over again that they need to use the internet, but they are just not sure how they can do that. What are the top digital marketing trends of 2016 thus far? How can they use digital marketing to their advantage? Aside from web based seo tools, there are several opportunities that one might considering taking in an attempt to get the most out of their use of the internet.

1 – App Usage

Everybody knows that one’s mobile platform is increasingly important. Websites that do not optimize their mobile design just as they optimize their desktop design will not see as much traffic because of the high volume of people who browse with the mobile web. Beyond that, apps are quickly invading the digital marketplace. More companies are creating apps to complement their users’ mobile experience. Many customers would rather browse on an app because they usually have better function and everything is instantly accessible and easy to navigate. Savvy business owners will develop a good app for their users.

2 – Advertising Investment

It used to be that if a company wanted to put their message out, they would purchase some ad space on a billboard. When people are cruising down the highway, they would see something like “Drink Coke” or an advertisement for a hotel or a restaurant and they would be drawn to spend their money at that place of business. Today, it is different. Companies who purchase ad space will do so on the internet, on social media and on other websites. There has been a substantial growth of advertising investment in recent years.

3 – Inbound Marketing

While many companies will find success spending money on advertisements, there is another form of advertising that is often overlooked too easily. There is paid advertising (outbound marketing) and unpaid advertising (inbound marketing). Inbound marketing is when a company’s website will emerge naturally. They find a company because they were doing a Google search of a particular question. A friend shared content and it arose on their newsfeed. Inbound marketing does not invade anybody’s life and many people prefer it because it is advertising that they want. This requires that companies produce high quality content that people want to read and invest their time in, while optimizing their SEO.

4 – Optimize SEO for Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines

What about Google? Yes, Google is a primary search engine through which a lot of traffic will be generated. But website owners are quickly realizing that other search engines are used quite often. This does not mean that one needs to stop optimizing their SEO score for Google. It means that in addition, they need to start optimizing their SEO for other search engines. Other search engines have different criteria. Google is not the end of the story.

5 – Payment Methods

When people go to a website, entering all of their information to make a payment can be a hassle. Sometimes people will just go to another website wherein the payment is just a few clicks away. EVM credit cards have altered expectations. Similarly, PayPal generally makes it easier for consumers to check out. All of their information is already saved and they need only click and make a payment. Companies should make the most of these opportunities, installing the PayPal checkout system.