Useful Business Tips for 2014 01/08/14

The year 2014 is here, and everyone is preparing to face it with fresh powers and new ideas; the world economy seems to be slowly recovering from the recession that hit a few years ago, and lots of businesses bloom thanks to good management. In order to help all of you business people, we wanted to compile a short list of business tips for 2014 to help you start the new year well; this is the period when you propose new projects, re-organize for efficiency, and evaluate what has been done in the last year.

In the business world, everything has to be in constant motion, and there always need to be new goals to reach, new highs to aspire to. So when you want your business to evolve or expand, you need to be proactive, to take matters into your own hands, and avoid to just let things develop and see where they take you. That being said, here are some useful business tips for 2014 that you might find useful, or that you could at least take as New Year’s resolutions:

  • Re-organize the office space

Just like you do at home, clearing the office is a practical way of starting the new year well; most people work better in an organized space, even though it is said a messy desk can enhance creativity. But when you’re a serious business, where image and reputation is important, you want to show a high level of professionalism every time clients or business partners visit the headquarters. This is even more important if you work with customers on a daily basis. Thus, you need to start by cleaning the computers – and we don’t mean physically, although that should be part of periodical cleanings anyway. What we’re referring to is making sure all the computers run properly, that there are no security breaches, and everything is updated accordingly. Moreover, the office space has to be cleared of clutter, and employees should strive to keep their desks tidy as well. Seeing the office in a new light can be inspiring for everyone, and it can really give the sensation of a new beginning.

  • Marketing practices and websites

Every year, you have to consider, or re-consider your marketing strategies; things move forward, people look for new things, and you have to stay on top, attracting them with something new every year. Thus, it is especially important to update your business’ website, or create one if you haven’t so far; a simple solution is to get a new look for the website, or work on streamlining it in order to attract more users. Similarly, one of the most important business tips for 2014 is to work on customer support as well, an aspect which always needs improvement, and which is detrimental to your success on the market.

  • Get new customers

Keeping your customers is one thing, but attracting new ones is something different altogether. Although it may seem like part of the advice above, you have to think of this as a separate goal, because you will have to take separate measures for it. Accord it special importance and attention, and discuss with your managing team or even employees on ways to get new target markets.

  • Revisit employee structure

Although it might sound harsh, it is important for a business owner to know when to let an employee go. As far as business tips for 2014 go, this may be the easiest to accomplish in practice, but the most difficult morally. However, it is essential to let go employees who are not producing the results you expect, and to try and find someone more suitable for the individual work, but for the office team as well. Seriously consider this idea and do the changes that are best for your business, resting assured that it is much easier psychologically for people to look for a new job at the beginning of the year than towards its end.

  • Establish your budget

The running of a good business is highly dependent on a well-made budget; you have to establish exactly how much money you want to invest in various departments or aspects of running your business. For example, it has been noted that lots of companies invest too little in marketing; the truth is you have to make a few sacrifices, especially as a small business, in order to compete in the big leagues. At the same time, it is true that in most instances, the investment is worth it, and a company’s image and popularity are much improved.

We hope these business tips will help you have a good evolution in 2014, and that you will manage to accomplish at least part of your goals.