Useful tips to charge your ipad fast 07/10/17


The capacity of ipad batteries has changed significantly in the past years. If you do not own an ipad that provides fast-charging technology, there are a few useful tips that can help you reduce the charging time. Many people cannot wait until an ipad charges completely so here is what you need to do in such cases.

Using the right charger is necessary

First, if your ipad is running out of battery frequently, even if you do not use it much, or if it charges slower than it should, you might be using a fake charger. You should know a few things about a good apple ipad charger in order to know what to choose. A charger is the element that re-energizes the battery of your device. Different chargers can do this at different rates even if they have the same connector. An amp indicates how much electrical charge is used through a certain point. If the number is high, your device is charging fast. Remember that the higher, the better. Amperage is the amount of amps that your tablet supports. You should use a charger that offers the maximum amperage for your device. So, pay attention with the charger you use. Always buy original ones in order to protect your ipad.

Choose the right power source

Even if you have a suitable charger for your ipad, the power sources are important too. For example, a wall socket will boost your battery fast while a computer will not be able to provide enough power for your device. A car’s cigarette lighter socket works the same way as the wall socket. Use wall and car sockets whenever you have the chance. Also, let your ipad rest while it is charging. This will reduce the charging time. If you need your tablet soon, just power it off while you do something else. In case you need to use it while it is charging, turn off the WI-FI, Bluetooth or mobile data in order to minimize the battery loss.

Avoid using cheap cables

Using original accessories when it comes to your ipad is necessary. Original cables are able to maintain the life of your tablet for a long time. On the other hand, counterfeit ones can be dangerous for you and your device. They can destroy your ipad, and even cause electric shocks. If you do all the things above mentioned, and your battery is still not charging properly, you might have to change the cable. There are many details that differentiate genuine and fake cables. Although they might seem hard to notice, you will observe them by paying attention. Do not trust in a fake product, because its quality will be low. Even if it is cheap, using one might force you to buy a new tablet.

Remember to use high quality accessories that are suitable for your tablet. Use the right power sources as often as possible, as they are important elements that help you charge your device fast. Avoid buying cheap and fake products that can harm your ipad.