Useful tips to make your company bulletin board more attractive 06/28/16

Every company wants to run its offices as effectively as possible, reason why they encourage open communication. For small businesses, the best way to communicate with the staff is through the intermediary of a bulletin board. The old-fashioned bulletin board placed in the central area of the office is till effective. Many business owners opt for using bulletin boards so as to avoid communication breakdowns. A visual display boards placed in the common area will grab the attention in a way that a hub cannot. Since your employees spend so much time working on the computer, the usefulness of having a bulletin board cannot be denied. For pin friendly boards, please visit Here are some tips on how to make your bulletin board dynamic.

Select a proper display board

While it is clear that bulletin boards are incredibly handy, you should be very careful when making a purchase. When you go shopping, you will have to take into account the purpose above all. As opposed to a mere decorative board, communication boards come in many styles: dry erase, chalkboard paint and magnetic push pin. They are solely for business needs, so they are specifically designed so that you can easily attach notes. You can however, choose a simple design.

Charge someone with the design of the bulletin board  

The first thing that the design should take into consideration is the culture of the company. While this might seem silly, it is important to think about the nature of your business. Professionalism is of the essence, so when considering the general aesthetics, selfies or crazy colours should be avoided. Two or three covers should be made for the bulletin board, they will be placed on top of each other, so when it is necessary to change the display, all that is necessary is to pull off the top.


It is quite obvious that the bulletin board will be placed in a central location. What you have to pay attention to is the fact that you may need more than one panel. Why? Because it may look unprofessional to have human resources, corporate communications and company culture all in one place. This is standard information and it should all have its own panel. When creating an anatomy, make sure the handy information stands out. The information which is relevant for everyone in the office should be especially highlighted.


As mentioned before, you should avoid intense colours. You can make use of your corporate colours, so there will be no need for researching options. Projecting colour into the panel is a good step in terms of company branding. You should choose paper which goes hand in hand with the dominant colour of the background. Since the board will have a splash of colour, you should make sure to use large characters. You can generate letters with the help of the computer.

If you do not have anyone skilled at design in your company, then you should recruit someone with experience in office design. The person in charge with the display boards should also be one updating the information.