Ways to integrate custom stickers in your marketing campaign 02/28/18

Taking into account the multitude of advertisements, websites and marketing campaigns reaching consumers on a daily basis, you might wonder: how did they not become immune to all these obvious attempts to entice and lure? Well, consumers did became numb to the majority of marketers’ efforts meaning that in order to captivate their attention more than just a few minutes, you really need to do something over the top. Developing a marketing campaign has become a struggle because you must bring something new to the table, something that will differentiate your brand from others already existing out there. Consumers have the freedom of choice so you need to answer the following question: why will they choose my products or services in the detriment of others available on the market? How can I convince them about the quality of my goods?

Develop a sticky marketing campaign

Why not revive old-fashioned marketing strategies. After all, other business owners willingly embraced advanced marketing tools while forgetting about low-cost and effective traditional methods and you can use this in your advantage. Custom stickers from Kiasu Print for example can become a viable form of advertising and consumers will definitely display a positive attitude towards it because it will remind them of childhood by exuding a casual vibe. Everyone received at some point a fun and interesting sticker as a reward for achieving a certain goal. You can allow current and potential customers to experience the same feeling by giving out personalized stickers. They will see it as an innocent gift instead of a pathetic plan of captivating their interesting and taking their money. Use your creativity to integrate custom stickers in your marketing campaign without leaving a bad impression on people. In other words, you need to develop a sticky marketing campaign, which means that consumers must remember your brand.  

Ways to use custom stickers cleverly

Custom stickers come with many benefits, from improving brand exposure and increasing sales to conveying relevant information and generating excitement among customers, if you know how to use them strategically of course. Creating a lot of buzz around your business seems too easy when using stickers from https://www.kiasuprint.com/stickers-labels/products/, mostly because they give you endless possibilities. For instance, have you considered using them as window decals? You can place them in the office or install them on store windows. They stick to any glass surface, whether you choose to place them inside or outside. This method requires minimum effort and cost for reaching the audience and increasing brand awareness. Furthermore, you can use them as address labels and envelope seals. Using a branded sticker to seal your mail proves that you are a professional and it does not even give away your intention of promoting your business. It represents a simple and effective way to integrate custom stickers in your marketing campaign. Moreover, stickers can add value to your products. You just need to place them on the packaging and wait for the magic to happen. Make sure that you include key facts regarding your company to inform your customers.