What are the main things employers seek in their future employees? 01/13/16

When searching for a job, be it from the medical domain, IT or food industry, applying to it is probably the easiest part of the entire process, compared to the interview, which most people believe it is the most challenging part. Before going to an interview, a candidate should follow few steps in order to make sure everything goes smooth. Learning more about that company, or practicing answers to various questions the employer might ask are only some of the things a candidate should do before the interview. It is true that finding a job that meets a person’s needs is difficult, but the best place to start is online recruitment platforms, one example being http://www.themedicaljobboard.co.uk. But what are the skills and values that employers seek in their candidates after all?

Good communication skills

Probably one of the most important things an employee needs to have is good communication skills. Being able to express ideas and thoughts clearly and confidently and to listen to others, are key elements in every domain, including medicine. Unpleasant situations might appear in case a person does not know how to communicate with others, how to express his or her own ideas and how to make himself or herself understood.

Teamwork skills

In case you are going to work in domains such as medicine, it is of utmost importance to learn how to work in a team. It is commonly known that surgery procedures for instance, never undergo with only one person in the room. There is an entire team that helps the specialised doctor to carry the work through and bring everything to a successful conclusion.

Work experience and willingness to learn

It is true that most employers always ask for work experience when hiring someone and this happens because it is easier to work with someone who knows how to deal with various situations. However, some companies believe that hiring inexperienced people is the best choice because in this way, that company can form its employees the way it needs. In medicine, experience is highly important, but this cannot be achieved in any other way rather than by actual work. Even though it might be hard in the beginning, showing that you are willing to learn brings you a great advantage.

Values matter too

An employer makes an image about his candidates from the very beginning of an interview. It takes only several seconds for an experienced interviewer to determine whether the candidate is suitable for a specific position or not. Some values can be seen in a person within seconds if the correct questions are asked. Most employers want their employees to be honest, to be able to adapt in any situation, be it stressful or not, to be dedicated to their work, and most important to be loyal. Moreover, having a positive attitude and the right amount of energy to do the job is a must in every domain, because in this way you show respect to both your employer and the domain within which you work.