What Binary Options indicators you can use in your trades 11/03/15

There are many things you should take into consideration when you enter in Binary Options trading: what type of trade is the best one for you, what broker you should select or what strategy will help you earn money. The first step is to decide what trade is the right one for you, and this should not be hard to do because you have to do some research and select the one that fits you better. After that, you should learn some things about strategies, and see which one you can use. The third step is to select a top broker and this is an easy because you can find online a review for every broker, for example, you can search a Boss Capital Review to see what this broker has to offer and if you can place your trades with its help. However, you should start placing trades only after you learn what indicators you can use.


You can use this indicator to determine the direction and strength of a trend and to see the potential emergence of a new one. It is designed to have two basic components, which have the form of two lines with different consistency and color. The “Aroon down” line is red and shows when it was the lowest price point within the timeframe and the time that passed. The “Aroon up” line is blue and shows when it was the highest price point within the timeframe.

Moving Average Convergence

It is a technical indicator that is widely used by the analysts in the present. It was designed as two exponential moving averages that have in their front two components. It is based on the relation between a centerline and the two moving averages. Its main purpose is to measure the present momentum.

On-Balance Volume

This indicator is the most recognized one in technical analysis because it is a very simple one. Its main purpose is to detect if there are movements in volume. The process by which volume movements are detected is a simple one. The volume of the trading time is assigned with a negative or positive value according to the price movements in that period. The volume gets a negative value if the price is down and a positive one if the price is up. All these values are added to a whole that was slowly built since the starting point of the measurement process.

Relative Strength Index

This one is a momentum indicator that is widely used in technical analysis. Its main purpose is to see if there is any overselling or overbuying of a security. It is designed with a structure from 1 to 100 and its results can be interpreted according to the numbers. If the reading result is below 30 the security is oversold, but if the result is above 70, the security is overbought. If the conditions of overbuying or overselling arise, it suggests that the current price of an asset is not stable and will be radically different because of these conditions. After they are gone the price may suddenly drop.