What can Porter Finance offer you? 09/30/15

Trading binary options is an easy and rewarding activity, as long as you collaborate with a professional broker. Fortunately, nowadays there are plenty of instruments and educational resources that will help you choose one of the top platforms on the dedicated market. According to specialized reports, Porter Finance seems to be one of the best options there are. This is mostly due to the fact that even if it was launched in 2014, being one of the newest binary options platforms), it has only received positive feedback and registered the fastest growth from the past years. This spectacular growth was possible because the broker provides its clients a wide selection of benefits, making sure they have a highly qualitative trading experience. Its performing interface enable users to trade in a multitude of currencies, having access to more than one type of asset. In case you are wondering what makes this broker so special, keep reading to find out its main features.

A user friendly interface

For those who have never traded binary options before, using the online platform of a professional broker may be confusing. You have to start an account, deposit money, select the currency, learn about the terms and conditions and so on. For this reason Porter Finance has an extremely user friendly platform, with a comprehensive and intuitive interface. So even if you are just beginning your binary options journey, you will be able to trade like a pro, as soon as you make an account.

Great minimum deposit and withdrawal conditions

When you create an account, any broker requires that you also deposit a certain amount of money, which will later enable you to place trades. While some demand for large amounts of money, which may never be recovered, Porter Finance has one of the smallest minimum deposits in the industry. As same as deposits, withdrawals are also very important: once you start increasing profits and you need to use your money. This means submitting a request, which should be processed by the broker. Porter Finance withdrawal process is one of the most efficient and secure on the market, including many stages aiming to protect traders’ money and privacy. In order to make sure the money are transferred to the right account, the client has to present some specialized documents, necessary for identity check. These will be verified by the staff from Porter Finance, and if everything is alright, the request will be processed within 2 days, while the money can be transferred in up to 7 business days.

Free demo account

Although there are plenty of legit reviews offered by specialized platforms, choosing a broker based only on what you read may not be something you want to do. For this reason, Porter Finance gives you the possibility to try its features during a trial period. This means that you can visit their official web page and create your own account, but a demo one, which will last only a limited period of time. You will not have to pay anything – you just use it to convince yourself that the broker is actually what you need.