What does it take to become famous in the video game live streaming business? 03/03/17


Business and gaming are two terms that might have seemed completely opposed a few years ago, but now it is clear that gaming is as much a business as it is a hobby. With more and more video content creators gaining fame on live streaming platforms, young gamers everywhere are wondering how they can turn their passion into profit too and go viral. While it would be unrealistic to expect to become PewDiePie overnight, it is possible to grow your own community and get plenty of views on niche streaming sites such as DingIt TV. Here’s what you need to stand out from the crowd.

Gaming gear

No gamer should be expected to watch your live streams if they can barely make out what you’re doing. First of all, if you have serious goals, you should take care of some technical details first. The starter pack includes:

  • A fast Internet connection
  • A decent gaming PC
  • A high-end pair of headphones and a microphone so you can add voiceover comments to your stream
  • A pro webcam

If you don’t feel comfortable investing in all of these at once, then start little by little and if you enjoy it, you can buy the rest of the equipment later on.

Choose the right platform to stream on

This part requires a bit of research, because you have to create a main account on a platform that you like and that matches your long term goals. A couple of years ago the live streaming industry was dominated by just one player, but now it is more diverse and there are many up and coming small platforms. Contrary to what you might imagine, starting out on the biggest platform isn’t the best way to go, because it’s very competitive and you’ll get lost in the crowd of thousands of new accounts created every day. However, starting on a newer platform is a great way to build an audience.

The importance of charisma and originality

People watch live gaming streaming for many reasons. Some want to know if a game is worth the money before buying it, others just want to relax. But, they all want the same thing on the side: entertainment. No matter how good your gear is, you will not get that many fans if your content is boring and unoriginal. It’s very important to have fun while you stream and don’t be afraid you show your personality. As tempting as it might be, don’t imitate famous YouTubers, because it won’t take you anywhere. There are many content creators out there and you can make your voice heard as long as it’s unique. If viewers find you charismatic and interesting, they will share your videos and your community will grow, even if they don’t have the highest quality.