What strategies you should use with certain Binary Options Brokers? 11/03/15


Binary Options is a domain, which ensures a big profit for the persons who are not afraid to take risks and are looking for making profit while staying at home. However, if you are planning to become a trader you should know that you have to be a skilled person, because this domain requires a wide knowledge. In addition, you have to use your best strategies to make profit and they may vary according to your domain of trading and the broker you use. All worldwide knew brokers have developed their own strategies, so if you are investing with CherryTrade broker, it is advisable to use CherryTrade Strategy. If you want to have success in this domain, you should find what strategies has developed your broker.

CherryTrade’s strategies

CherryTrade broker has developed several strategies that is advisable to use when you invest with its help. If you are looking for something easy and classic you should trade using High/Low or Call/Put strategy. You only have to select an asset, and after you analyze it to see if it is bearish or bullish you have the option of either selling a put or buying a call. You can also use the 60 seconds strategy, which allows you to get a big amount of money in a little time, so it is perfect if you do not want to spend your whole day in front of your computer. With this broker, you can use many other strategies as: Long term, Pair, One Touch, iFollow, or Ladder.

24 Option’ strategies

This platform offers you a new addition, which is called 24 option 60 second strategy and it is very used because it has a small timeframe for the process of trading. When you use this strategy, you have to know what various factors may influence your trade and what the trends of the current market are. Because of the small timeframe, you are bound to have a profit. This broker allows you to use other strategies as One Touch or High/Low.

StockPair’s strategies

This broker designed its own strategy, which can be divided in two types: Fixed Pair options and Floating Pair options. With the first type of options, the amount of money that you will win is decided at the starting point and only at the end of the timeframe it will be stated the stock that performs better. The second type allows you to enter the trade at a specific period and it determines the asset’s performance for exactly that period. You can exit the trade whenever you want. You can minimize your risk by leaving it if the evolution is not the one you expected. Your trade will automatically come to its end if it touches the lower limit. The strategy designed by this broker is very popular because it is simple to learn for beginners and the minimum amount for starting a trade is $20. In addition, for this very low sum you can get a profit up to 350%. Feel free to choose your broker and do some research about what strategies is wise to use when investing with its help.