What to consider when selecting a MT4 liquidity bridge 02/25/16

MetaTrader4 is without any doubt the most popular trading platform for trading in Forex. What MT4 does is provide you all the tools that you can possibly need to analyze price, execute and manage trades and, last but not least, employ automated trading techniques. Since this application has all the relevant features of trading, every broker, including you, should get his hands on it. Not only will the MetaTrader4 software allow you to provide your clients client terminals, but it will also allow you to increase the size of your Forex retail trading business. As useful as MT4 is, you will still need to reduce your risk and the only way you can accomplish this is with the help of a MT4 bridge that will connect your server application directly to the liquidity providers. However, before even selecting the liquidity bridge, it is important to take into consideration the following facts.

The history of the business

Even though the business of programming liquidity bridges between MetaTrader4 applications and third party liquidity providers is recent, you should still ask how long the company has been in business. Since new technologies are likely to fail, you have to make sure that the company from which you are purchasing has more than two years of experience. Technology companies that have been operating in the industry for some time have already overcome unanticipated issues. The package that a vendor offers you should not be easy to reverse and reproduce.

The firm’s customers

The credibility of a technology vendor is ultimately determined by the long term relations that the firm establishes with its customers. If the firm has large clients, then the vendor definitely has the time and of course the resources to handle larger complexities and to operate challenges that derive from such actions. The software once deployed, it will handle large numbers of Forex traders and users. Basically there is no better proof of the credibility of a firm than its production environment.

Access to the same LPs

A bridge vendor will have built a bridge between his MT4 and numerous servers and banks. Wat you have to make sure is that the vendor has access to the same LPs or banks that you work with. The technological solution should work seamlessly with many liquidity providers, thus ensuring you full flexibility in connecting with desired liquidity pools. This feature is highly important when selecting a provider because it will provide you assurance of its reliability and experience.

The efficiency of the support package

The Forex exchange market never sleeps and for this reason alone the support team of the bridge provider should always be available to answer your questions. Regardless of the country where you are based, you should have access to support, especially when the primary markets are open.  A good support team will have solid knowledge on the financial markets and the ability to easily explain to the client how to set up his Forex business. Equally important is to make sure that the vendor has a recovery plan in case the server sites fail.