Why Photoshop beginners need a color wheel 09/14/15

Whether you are a freelancer interested in learning web design or an enthusiastic photographer looking to learn some photo retouching tips, Adobe Photoshop is one of the best software to learn on. It’s a versatile, feature packed editing and creation tool that unlocks your artistic potential, allowing you to make true works of art. However, beginners often overestimate what Photoshop can do on its own, without third party tools and extensions. To make the most of it, and to learn basic color principles of from the very beginning, you need to install a color wheel for Photoshop. There are many options that you can choose from on the market, most of them affordable, intuitive and lightweight.

What does a color wheel do?

A color wheel is a simple illustration that displays various groups and colors in a circle, allowing you to understand the relationship between them. It starts with the basic RGB model and then displays more subtle hues and variations. The wheel shows what you get by mixing the three primary colors and serves as an example of how colors should be combined for a harmonious visual effect. The main application of the interactive color wheel for Photoshop is that it helps users test and choose the right colors for their projects.

Picking colors is not as easy as it looks

Why do I need a color picker when the human eye is already so great as distinguishing colors? This a common questions, coming especially from beginner designers who would rather not spend money on Photoshop tools before they start making profit from it. It is worth pointing out that, as trained as the human eye may be, picking colors, particularly for professional purposes, is not as simple as it looks. Colors may seem simple at first, but, the more you learn about them, the more you start to understand their literal and figurative nuances. For example, making a design from scratch using a certain color scheme can be very difficult for beginners if they have no prior knowledge of how colors should be combined. If the client asks for warm or cold colors, you can use the wheel to limit your options and know for sure that you respect guidelines. After using the wheel for a long time, you will automatically learn colors and find it much easier to use and recognize them.

You will need advanced features once you start to learn

The functionality of the color wheel does not end once you become a Photoshop pro. On the contrary, you will keep on using it after you learn how to use colors, because it will make your work faster and more accurate. The best color wheels available on the market are fully integrated with Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe software, launch on program startup and can be placed wherever you want on your workspace. When you first start working in Photoshop, the software’s basic functions will be enough to learn the ropes, but once you work with it for professional purposes, you will need to invest in advanced tools that extent its functionality and make you more productive.