Why you shouldn’t attempt to unlock your iPhone 5 alone 07/21/14

Even though the price of the iPhone 5 dropped after the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C were launched and Apple announced that this particular model is to be discontinued, this phone is still more expensive that you average smartphone and, most importantly, it was very expensive when it came out. To afford buying a brand new iPhone 5, Apple fans had to make a lot of compromises, including buy the smartphone with a deal from mobile carriers. This can help you save money, but, unfortunately, most people discover that they shouldn’t have settled for that deal and that they should have saved money to buy the factory unlocked phone. It’s not difficult to understand why using a locked iPhone has its limitations: you cannot switch providers, install software updates easily or sale the phone for a good price. The number of people who are interested in the topic of iPhone 5 unlock has grown rapidly, especially in the past year, to the point where some of them don’t even try to seek professional help and try to unlock the phone themselves. However, unless you have some experience with unlocking iOS devices, you shouldn’t try to do this alone. Working with a specialized company to unlock the phone might cost you some money, but at least you don’t risk losing access to the phone or making it unusable.

All iPhone users should be aware of the fact that iPhones are different from other smartphones, not only in terms of hardware, but also in terms of operating system requirements. In fact, unlocking iPhones is trickier than unlocking Android and Nokia. You will have to find a reliable service provider that gives accurate, step-by-step instructions. There are many such informative guides online, but you’ll have to tell the good for the bad, otherwise you will only end up exposing your high-end phone to security risks. In addition, there is always the risk of making a small mistake and losing access to your files. It is true that unlocking your phone also unlocks a wide variety of features, but you shouldn’t rush to perform this process if you’re not certain of your skills. Professional iPhone 5 unlock services are a much better option, because they give you step-by-step instructions based on your iOS version, plus you benefit from customer support in case the code they give you doesn’t work or you can’t find your way around unlocking the smartphone.

Another thing that you should pay attention to is the possibility of having problems with Apple support after unlocking, so make sure you work with a professional service provider that can help you unlock your phone without technical issues. Unless you are a developer and you have technical knowledge about things such as unlocking and jailbreaking, you should leave this process to the experts or at least use online guides during the process. This way, you avoid unwanted issues with the operating system and you will be able to enjoy a wider variety of features.