Will corporate secretarial services ever die? Find the truth 03/25/17


There are many sceptical people who think that a lot of corporate jobs will completely disappeared in the closest future. But, experts say that this conception is not completely true and its main role is to mislead people. Thus, here is some valuable information about this controversial subject.

Technology has evolved a lot but still…

People need humans in order to take care of their secretarial services such as accounting. Why is that so? Well, first of all, smart robots or androids which can replace humans have not been invested yet. Or if they have already been created, they still have to go through a lot of tests in order to be prepared. Not to mention that the human relationships are what makes the difference. You cannot communicate with a robot, as good as you communicate with a human being, can you? Thus, try to look for a1corp.com.sg, if you want some good experts for your business secretarial services and accounting.

Problems are totally unpredictable

When it comes to business, nothing is sure. You can make a plan today and change it tomorrow because you depend on many variables such as: partners, providers, products, services, environment and so on. Thus, what would it happen if something comes out of the blue and your secretary robot does know exactly what to do? Taking care of the accounts or other secretarial services is not just a matter of calculation. They require intuition and old an open mind. Thus, you still need humans.

You do not save money by “hiring” a robot

A robot still needs electricity in order to function, a resource which can be quite expensive. Also, in case it breaks down, you will have to fix it and everything may cost you a fortune.

But, it is not your employees’ task to take care of secretarial services

According to studies, there are many people who have complained about the fact that their managers ask them to take care of other tasks which are not included in their job description, without willing to pay them extra money. Well, this is a completely wrong attitude which can make your employees feel overwhelmed with all the stressful things that they have to put in order. After some time, they will end up quitting their jobs and letting you down when you need them most. Thus, try to hire someone else to take care of these things.

How can experts help you with your secretarial services?

  • The most important aspect is that they have the necessary experience to work fast, as to get your papers done, whenever you need them.
  • They also offer a wide variety of services such as profit and loss statement, balance sheet, maintenance of accounting books and reports, bank reconciliation reports and so on.
  • You do not have to pay them all the time. If you hire someone, you will have to give him/ her a monthly salary, a thing which will not help you save money.
  • Last but not least, your employees will be pleased that you have taken such decision.