Work-related stress, depression, and anxiety – career & mental health 11/01/18

Do you feel like your job is taking over you and you have no life after work? A job that’s so consuming can make you slip into a serious depression if you don’t pay attention to the signals. Mental health is extremely important, especially for workers that have to stay productive for longer periods of time. Noticing the signs that tell you’re burned out at work and doing something to change the situation are steps that you can’t skip. Being depleted after work and having trouble focusing are the first signs that you must be tired. Lacking the energy or the mood to do things that you previously enjoyed is already a sign of depression. Here are some other facts about the working environment and a good mental health in your career:

Following the signs

First of all, you need to notice that something’s wrong with your mood. Even though this is a common thing, if you feel extremely liberated after a Friday at work on a regular basis, it might mean that you are not happy with your tasks. If you avoid spending time with your coworkers and you visibly lost your interest in building a social network around you, it’s a sign of isolation, which can lead to serious mental health issues when staying in that same situation. Being cynical all the time, lacking the feeling of progressing or productiveness during the work hours or even feeling overwhelmed are worrying signs that tell you to make a change as quickly as possible. Also, in case you don’t have any accomplishments at work and you don’t feel satisfied with your efforts at this job, you might be in the wrong place.

The inappropriate office

Another important reason why people feel depressed at work has to do with the working environment. Green environment and curing depression are strongly linked, so employers should do their best to ensure the best working conditions for their employees. If you feel like your work office is the reason why you feel depressed or anxious, ask your supervisor to make a change in that direction. Houseplants are known for their therapeutic effects, so bring some in your office. The benefits of greenery in an office are extremely numerous, including reducing the levels of stress. Better productivity comes with greener offices. Rethink the way you work with your PC too. Take breaks often and step back from screen lighting for a while.

The potential solutions

Holistic centers offer complete programs to reset your mood. If you feel depressed, too stressed or too caught up in your work, simply choose a holistic program to cleanse your mind and body. The Johnny Tabaie methods can also help you overcome any difficult moment in your life. You just have to find the motivation and the courage to step out of your current situation and the quality of your life will be improved tremendously.